Cunk on Britain, part 2

April 10, 2018 • 6:00 pm

The second installment of the BBC “Cunk on Britain” series is up, and watch it while it’s there. (There will be five parts.)

Surprisingly, Part I is still up (here) though perhaps in a different incarnation, so maybe the BBC will for once let us Yanks watch the whole thing—at least for a short while.

I haven’t yet seen this, but wanted to give people a chance to watch while they could.

h/t: Kieran

15 thoughts on “Cunk on Britain, part 2

  1. Will i am Shakespeare.

    What are wordsworth?

    What is Oliver’s twist?

    Elizabeth showed up just in time for the Elizabethan era.

    …and they go on and on…

  2. A question: what’s Cunk’s problem with the 80s British sitcom ‘Brushstrokes’? In each of the first two episodes she’s slagged it, followed by a lengthy clip of its title sequence.

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