Readers’ wildlife photos

February 14, 2018 • 7:30 am

Reader Ken Phelps sent some artistic photos of nature. His notes are indented:

Due to positive feedback on not-always-wildlife images,  Jerry is graciously allowing me to post my Flickr address.

Here’s a heavy coating of dew/melted frost on fir saplings.

Cladonia fimbriata [a lichen], growing on an old piece of knotted rope hanging in the yard.

Macro shot of the melting edge of a snow bank. Looks like a small bird, with the colors of the bank behind giving it a Tuscan feel.
Chatterbox Falls, Princess Louisa Inlet. [British Columbia]:
Princess Louisa again. 80 degree day in September, looking up from the boat at a glacier 6000ish feet above us.

Just for fun, some pareidolia. Snow melt rushing down a steep ditch beside a logging road. I see a skeletal wraith, his ghostly female companion, and an angry lizard.

16 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

    1. Yes, it looks like a skin of ice crawling around the sides of the droplet. Watching icicles dripping through the macro lens is pretty interesting. Sometimes you can see the tip lengthening as each drop slides over.

  1. Great photography. What do I see? I see the Holy trinity – what else could it be? I think I’ve just become a convert – to what I’m not sure, but I am.

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