Readers’ wildlife photos

February 6, 2018 • 8:00 am

Reader Gareth Price sent us some lovely landscape photos (landscapes count as “wildlife”). His notes are indented and I’ve put his captions under each photo.

Here are some landscapes and waterfalls, all taken in Oregon (I live in Portland) except the view of Yosemite.
Except for the one of the Punchbowl Falls, they are all high dynamic range photos ie they are fusions (done in software) of three photos taken at different exposures: one normal, one overexposed and one underexposed.
The Yosemite photo is taken from Olmsted point. My dad and I were taking a road trip around California and visited Yosemite. Unfortunately, we had a longish drive and couldn’t stay in the valley into the evening to take photos; however, as we passed Olmsted Point, the sun was catching the peaks beautifully so I jumped out quickly with my camera. The light only lasted a few minutes. Half Dome is on the far right.
Yosemite panorama 
The Punch Bowl Falls are along Eagle Creek in the Columbia Gorge. Sadly, this is where a wildfire was started back in September and this trail, along with many others, is closed and apparently may not open for a year or more.
Punchbowl Falls
The photo of South Sister is taken from Sparks Lake.
South Sister

24 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

  1. Breathtaking

    I guess iPhone/iOS HDR is only so good – if you want real good HDR, gotta get a dedicated camera and stand-alone programs.

  2. Have a sister who lived in the Portland area for a long time. Some really nice things to see around there as shown here.

  3. Gareth’s remark about the Columbia Gorge wildfire that “was started” — a bunch of teenagers were having a ball videoing themselves as they threw fireworks into tinderdry forest on a popular trail. About 30,000 acres were burnt over the next month, and 100 or more hikers put at risk [fortunately the trails at the top of the bluffs link together, and an escape route was possible.

    I get angry each time I drive that highway. I know the kids had no choice but to start the fire. I have no choice but to be angry..

  4. A couple pictures don’t look sharp to me, and I figure it is an issue of alignment of the separate pictures taken for HDR. Interesting technique, though, and it looks like it would be fun to try.

    1. Try a search using the terms jerry coyne chicago which got me to his university web page where his edress is. I believe it is his conscious choice not to post his edress on this site.

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