18 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg narrates Plizzanet Earth

  1. I call that seal Mr. Weinstein.

    Though Snoop’s gotta get better at his animal identifications. Actually not, that’s what made it funny for me.

  2. interesting… here’s us watching this bleep bleep homie (well listening more like) watching wildlife, while watching wildlife… we all mother bleep bleep wildlife by this account and ain’t that bleep bleep the amusing truth.
    Let’s eat some arse.

  3. And that seal screwing a poor penguin. I knew about chimps and baboons (not to mention humans and goats :), but still… I’m sure any offspring would be sterile 🙂 A pengueal? A sealguin?

  4. The annoying bleeps put me off though. I don’t care if Snoop Dogg swears, it’s part of his schtick, why make it more obvious and distracting and bloody annoying by bleeping it?


  5. Plizzanet Earth is a recurring gag on the Jimmy Kimmel show. It’s network tv so hence the bleeps. This video didn’t have any clips from the scene on the Galapagos where snakes were chasing newly
    hatched lizards. I thought that was the funniest plizzanet I’ve seen so far.

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