Going to Mexico!

October 28, 2017 • 11:00 am

If you’re not a resident of Mexico, you’ll probably not be going to the tenth meeting of the Ciudad de las Ideas series in the lovely city of Puebla, Mexico, but it’s a great time and a lot of good speakers. This series has been organized at great effort by Andrés Roemer and his team of associates, and it runs like clockwork, with tons of chances to interact with people. I was there once, in 2009 (the only time I met Christopher Hitchens), and I loved it.

The theme for this tenth iteration of the event is “Beyond X”, and it’s happening November 17-19.  I’ll be there, too, talking—for 7 minutes!—in the “Beyond Design” segment that starts at 11:45 AM and finishes at 13:15 PM.  The 7-page list of speakers is here (shorter version here) and the entire program is here. I’ve reproduced it below; you’ll see there are lots of interesting people and lots to do. It’s always great for speakers, too, because they take good care of us (including assigning each speaker a host who takes them around, shows them the best local restaurants and sights, and so on).

Puebla is about 2.5 hours by car from Mexico City. If you’re going, I’ll be delighted to see you there.

Look at all those people! Even Noam Chomsky! And Pilates!

17 thoughts on “Going to Mexico!

  1. Nigel Lawson is speaking? Amazed he’s still alive, can’t be any sort of spring chicken now. It was always ironic to have a chancellor whose name is an anagram of “we all sign on”

  2. my – so many fascinating subjects – plus Julia Sweeney. Will any be available on tape, you tube……

  3. Hi Jerry. There’s a new museum in Puebla dedicated to evolution. You might find it interesting and your opinion in it would be great if you get to go there. Also, if you spend any time in Mexico City and need someone to show you around just let me know.

  4. Great that Pontius Pilates is gigging there PCC[E], you must take him out for supper & get the skinny on the shenanigans 200 decades ago. Who kissed whom on which cheek etc.

  5. The largest pyramid (earthen)in the Western Hemisphere (in the world) is not far away at all (Cholula). Puebla also is home to a tile industry which makes many to the attractive tiles that one sees throughout Mexico. Food is good too. And volcanoes such as one does not see in Illinois.

    Schedule looks really good.

  6. A climate change debate? Really? Krauss is a great guy,but does he actually know the technical details about climate science? Lindzen, for the deniers side, sure does, even if he will conveniently ignore contrary facts and put misleading spins on everything. It doesn’t seem such a great idea to me, since Krauss is likely to be blind-sided by arcane details that he is unlikely to be familiar with.

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