President Macron’s cat connection

July 13, 2017 • 2:30 pm
I pass this along for your delectation as a communication from Reader SJL:
I just came across a very odd little ‘ailuro-fact’ which may be of interest to you. (Failing that, it could at least prove useful as a Caturday filler item).
It appears that French President Emmanuel Macron’s father, Jean-Michel Macron [b. 1951], is an expert on feline sneezing.  See here and here.
The first link gives a list of Jean-Michel Macron’s papers on cats, with several on sneezing.  Here’s a classic:

This fact will make you the life of any party. (If that fails, ask people what one country in the world is named after a chemical element.)

Coincidentally, Macron the Elder’s papers are listed on this site:

And here’s the obligatory compilation of sneezing cats:

19 thoughts on “President Macron’s cat connection

  1. You mean Argentina, of course, but Gold Coast was arguably a country (if not an independent nation), and was undoubtedly named for a chemical element.

        1. Maybe. The Roman word for copper means “metal of Cyprus”, but it’s possible (says Wikipedia) that the Mycenaean name for Cyprus (from which the Roman word is derived) meant “land of copper”. Nobody knows for sure.

          What we do know is that copper metallurgy predates human habitation of Cyprus by several millennia, so the metal almost certainly had a name long before the island did.

    1. Gold Coast was arguably a country

      Six distinct colonies, including the British colony of “Gold Coast”, which is present-day Ghana. (Many of the other former colonies are provinces within Ghana.)
      I’m still trying to think o a better answer.

      1. Nope, can’t think of a better example than Argentina, though I don’t particularly associate it with silver. That’s more Peru and Bolivia, IME.

  2. Listening to Radio NZ on my way home late last night i listened to an interview with an american scientist about ‘big troubles’ with cat gut microbes (dogs as well) and it’s a $4 billion plus problem in the US alone. Around 10% of cats are effected by it.
    It’s a messy problem and not easily pinned down and fixed as they can’t source it’s origin.
    Soil and external environment i think and unfortunately i cannot source a link (i tried) Sneezy at one end and runny at the other? changing the diet might not do it.

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