It is Grania’s birthday!

May 24, 2017 • 8:32 am

I just realized that today is Grania’s birthday. I know she’ll hate my posting this (and she didn’t mention it in the Hili Dialogue she wrote this morning), but it’s a chance for me and the readers to thank her for her service to this website. She has never refused to keep the site going during my numerous absences due to travel, and for that I’m immensely grateful. Not to mention the numerous posts she contributes herself.

50 thoughts on “It is Grania’s birthday!

  1. THANK YOU, Grania, and very happy birthday to you from Hili and Cyrus who are grateful that you take care of their dialogues. Andrzej and I join in wishing you the best of everything.

  2. Have a great birthday and thanks for everything. Don’t know what PCC would do without you.

  3. Happy birthday from California, hope your day is full of smiles and laughter. Thank you for helping me to start my day with a smile.

  4. I’m afraid Facebook has misled Jerry. It really is not my birthday at all, it is my sister’s.

    But thank you all anyway 🙂

        1. The rule against embedding can’t apply to an unbirthday can it? I thought not. So feel perfectly free to feel unsorry. 😎

    1. Thanks for all your fine posts here. Just because it’s not your birthday doesn’t mean you can’t have a bite of cake anyway! Cheers 🙂

    2. Happy honorary birthday! Thank you for doing such a great job keep the web page going in Prof’s absences.

  5. O ! … … YOUR Birthday Day, Ms Spingies !

    Birthing days are, for a (bulldozing) mama myself, MY very favorite holiday for ANYone !

    Please spend it However The Hell YOU most like !

    AND, as Dr Coyne iterates, .thank you.thank you.thank you. for your posts / your workings here on W E I T !

    For IT from M’favored and Darlin’ Mr Waylon Jennings thus of his WILD ONES:

    ” … … WE had the town up a tree !”

    Happy Birthday, Woman !


  6. Special greetings to you Grania, whether it’s your birthday today or not. We’ve never met and probably never shall, but you’re a very special person in my life. Happy Birthday!

  7. Well, have a great day anyway Grania! WEIT is one of my favorite places on the internet and I appreciate all you do to help maintain it.

    Hell, I don’t know what your age is but I am old enough that non-birthday days are more reason for celebrating than birthdays.

  8. Even if it’s not your birthday Grania, thanks for all your hard work supporting WEIT and us eager readers! We really appreciate it!

  9. Thanks Grania, for keeping the posts coming when PCC is unavailable. We all appreciate it, and yes, you can have a bite of cake anyway, today.

  10. Happy Birthday to your sister, Grania, and since I’ve missed all your other birthdays, Happy Birthday to you too. Thanks for letting us know what Hili and Leon are up to.

  11. What everyone else said. Have a lovely day Grania, whatever day it is. You always do a great job when you take over, and we also get cultural allusions I understand like LOTR and Star Trek. 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday Grania!

    … what is it like to get Birthday wishes from unknown, anonymous entities on the internet that well could be artificial intelligence?

  13. Happy Birthday Grania…thanks for all your great posts! Thanks especially for creating the famous (or infamous) birthdays / death days in the Hili dialog. I’m glad Jerry continues to post them as well.

  14. Now, like Queen Elizabeth, you have two birthdays. So, happy birthday to the Queen of WEIT 🙂

  15. Happy (belated) birthday, Grania! You are one of the most intelligent, insightful, intriguing bloggers I have ever come across. I appreciate everything you do, and may you have decades more birthdays to come!

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