57 thoughts on “Comey’s memo leaked!

  1. I am glad that PCC(pbuh) has finally seen the light and is ready to denounce Trump’s disgusting steak preferences, when he lamented the outrage over it on November 17, 2016.

  2. It sounds like a guy on the titanic in the last five minutes. Please get this guy and his steak out of my face. I don’t want this to be the last living memory I have.

      1. Frankly I do not see why so many would think fake. Comey is known to makes notes of everything. The FBI teaches it. If someone were creating a fake, would they do it like this?? I do not think so.

        1. It is certainly fake. It is funny and, srsly, do you think the head of the FBI at a dinner with Trumpo that he would write notes about how weird it is to use catsup on steak but not any direct quotes from the pres? Further the comment from Trump about Comey allegedly came in a meeting in the Oval Office, not at a dinner.

          Clearly a send up.

        2. How are there people who think this is real? I am rapidly losing hope for humanity. Randy Schenck, you think the director of the FBI would write (*in pencil*), “am I being punked? This is getting weird. He asked for ketchup. Etc.”

    1. Oh for crying out loud–do you think I’m so STUPID that I would think this was serious?

      It’s clearly a JOKE, and perhaps based on PuffHo’s article criticizing him for eating his steak well done.

      1. With all of the news about Trump coming out being so surreal, that note is almost so normal that it would be believable. Or at least something I would write if I were subjected to having to eat with that man. Oh the giggles!

      2. I think maybe many of us were hoping it was the real thing. It finally became obvious that it was a spoof, but I went into it thinking the reverse. It’s hilarious, nonetheless.

  3. Wait — Comey’s a lefty? Well, that does it — clearly no way we can trust the word of somebody so sinister!

    Ah, well…back to the drawing board. Maybe we should ask Putin for that recording, after all — and then play it backwards! Ha! Bet nobody thought of that!



    1. I think so too. Nothing on it not publicly known. And the FBI director would write this way? And on a full-sized legal pad while eating?? Doesn’t pass my sniff test.

      Wish it did.

  4. There is a small probability that his is a joke, but it sure looks authentic given what we know so far. 🙂

  5. Its obviously a joke. Comey typed up his memo later in the evening after he got home. This is hand written in the present tense.

    And wasnt’ Trump attacked during the election on HuffPo for liking well done steaks?

  6. I remember well when Sean Hannity went after Obama for ordering spicy mustard on a hamburger, as if that made him an elitist snob. (Hannity even replayed the 30 year old ad for Grey poupon with the guys in the limo.) Drumpf has clearly committed the real culinary faux pas.

  7. The really funny thing about this is that the reality is probably more bizarre than this joke.

  8. While clearly a joke, it’s a pick your own fact or fiction when it comes to Le President Moron. The only part that didn’t add up was Comey being so informal. If it weren’t for that, it would be hard to see it as a joke.

      1. “I think “Please help me… Help me” should have nailed it for everyone”

        While I agree, and never thought this was real, do any of us know Comey well enough to assume he’s more mature than the “adults” who have actually made comments like that about Trump, and his well done steaks with ketchup?

        1. He might have thought them in his head, and the description of the conversation is actually plausible, but writing it all down on a full size legal pad during dinner with the president? Really? That doesn’t happen, even in Trump World.

          Now if someone could fake a tape of the conversation …

  9. Now, that’s funny; I don’t care who you are.

    Maybe it should’ve come with a “proof of life” photo?

    1. I know its a joke but when I’d read it I had to tone down the laughter lest someone think me on a substance or something!

  10. Let’s all hope this finally takes the Orange Monstrosity down, once and for all. The Embarrassment in Chief has gotten away with this kind of shit his entire life. He was the pampered rich kid who got the bulk of his wealth from his father. His father, Fread Trump, whose net worth in the early seventies was over a hundred million dollars, (adjusted for inflation approaching a billion in today’s dollars), set him up with money, real estate, and political connections in New York when Donnyboy was in his early twenties. I’m convinced that if his father had died when Casino Mussolini was a little kid he wouldn’t be where he is today. There’s still doubt that he’s truly a billionaire. Forbes says that he’s worth $ 3 billion, but no one outside his organization knows how much liabilities he has. It’s known he got $600,000 in loans from China. Factor in all of his liabilities and I’d bet his net worth is much less than a billion. One financial analyst said that if Agent Orange had simply put his inheritance money into an index fund he truly would be a billionaire. I’m no saint, but I like to think that I’m a rational, fair minded person. I was appalled that such an arrogant, obnoxious, blatantly obvious conman and Cheeto-headed buffoon could actually be taken seriously by other people, people that I had thought, (hoped?), were rational too, and help that awful fool make it into The White House. FBI Director Comey says that he was mildly nauseous that he may have helped Commander Marmalade get elected by swaying the election against Clinton. Well, I was more that mildly nauseous at 11:00 PM. on November 8th 2016 when you could see that the Tangerine idiot was going to win the election. I’m hoping,(if I wasn’t an atheist I’d say praying), for impeachment proceedings.

    1. Exactly. It’s the only flavour you’ll get. Cheaper ordering a slice of cardboard with ketchup.

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