13 thoughts on ““Where money acquires a patina of virtue”: The Simpsons takes on Yale

  1. Like most brilliant humor, that was deeply offensive to my cultural heritage. I’m going to hide under my safe blanket now.

    1. Paul Krugman echoes my own pessimism over France. It’s very good to keep crazies out of power in the short run, but the problem isn’t going away so long as the EU refuses to reform itself.

      1. I agree about the EU and its problems, but Macron’s huge win is very special to me because the French basically looked at the existing political parties they had and said, “you know what? None of them are doing anything I actually want. Let’s try something new!” I think that’s amazing and hope it eventually happens in the US (though I know that’s a much more difficult proposition).

  2. The Simpsons bit was spot on … until they let old man Burns walk away without writing a check. The school motto is “the Endowment über alles!”

  3. Frickin’ brilliant!

    ‘Yale – the Harvard of Connecticut’

    That must’ve stung.


  4. While The Simpsons as a whole has gone to pot, this particular sketch hits the right spot. Two best parts were the “you’re worse than Hitler” segment (both the lead-in to it and Burns’ cavalier response to it) and Homer’s “offensive” robot impersonation.

    1. Exactly. I haven’t watched the Simpsons in years because its become so bad, but when I saw this clip making the rounds a couple weeks ago I thought it was a sort of return to that biting, satirical brilliance the show used to possess.

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