Caturday felids: Sacred Egyptian cat rug woven from cat hair, cat tattoos, circumnavigator of Australia and his cat

April 8, 2017 • 9:00 am

by Grania & Jerry

Museums are repositories of strange and weird things. A rug found with with a severed human foot wrapped inside is one of the unusual displays at Villa Zorayda Museum in St. Augustine, Florida.

The rug appears to be made from cat hair, depicts a stylised African Wild Cat and is thought to be over 2400 years old, making it the world’s oldest existing rug. The foot is also on display. This is a drawing of the rug, and below it JAC has put what may be an image of the rug itself, though this one looks more recent since it has a Greek “key” design:

African Wild Cat



From Purrtacular, we have 20+ of the best cat tattooes. Here’s a sample:

An homage to the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland.

And the minimalist approach.



And finally, Australia has commemorated explorer Matthew Flinders and his cat Trim with a statue in Port Lincoln to mark his antipodean voyage on HMS Investigator in 1801–03.

The pair have other statues in Sydney, as well as in Donington, Lincolnshire, UK. Sadly Trim appears to have met a tragic end in Mauritius on the following return voyage; Flinders was imprisoned on accusations of spying and his cat “disappeared”.

Matthew wrote of his cat:

“He was, I am sorry to say, excessively vain of his person, particularly of his snow-white feet. He would frequently place himself on the quarterdeck before the officers, in the middle of their walk, and spreading out his two white hands in the posture of the lion couchant, would oblige them to stop and admire him.”

So, pretty much like all cats. Unlike most cats, he has at least two books dedicated solely to his life.

h/t: John, Kevin

13 thoughts on “Caturday felids: Sacred Egyptian cat rug woven from cat hair, cat tattoos, circumnavigator of Australia and his cat

  1. Captain Flinders is also known as the inventor of the so-called ‘Flinders bar’. A soft iron bar located under a ship’s compass to improve it’s accuracy.

  2. Don’t forget Flinders’ human companion on the circumnavigation voyage – George Bass. Bass Strait between Tasmania and mainland Australia is named after him.

    And that reminds me of the famous Australian “schoolboy howler” – “Bass and Flinders circumcised Australia with a ten-foot cutter”. I don’t know if the claimed “howler” was a real one or not.

  3. The yin-yang cats (at the link) are clever.

    But I think the Cheshire Cat is clever and witty. (How did the artist see to do the UV-light portion?).

    (Oh, of course, he did it under a UV light. I’m dumb).

    1. I was quite impressed by the UV cattoo too.

      I worked with a guy once – opposing 12-hour shifts – whose descriptions of the UV fluorescence properties of the rock samples were always the same as the last description of my shift, and never changed through his shift. Suspicious, particularly since the computer system didn’t have any concept of “copy and paste”.
      A lot of laundry pens are UV bright. So I go one from the laundry hand and wrote rude words on the theme of “Lazy effin so&so” in the base of the UV-viewing box, where they’d be visible whenever it was used. Oddly, the rude words were still there the next shift-change.

  4. Re. the tattoos. This goes to show, as if proof were needed, that tattoos are stupid. Here’s a subject that could be attractive, but they’re not. I’ve rarely seen a tattoo, no matter what the subject, that is attractive. Even if you argued that a particular design was attractive, a tattoo is a sample of something you like at a particular time but which you can’t remove one you’ve got a bit bored of it. Stupid.

  5. I’ve had cats who left enough fur wherever they went to make a rug. Isn’t just like the ancient Egyptians, ever practical and mindful of convenient resources, to actually do it!?

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