Wednesday: Hili dialogue

March 29, 2017 • 6:30 am

by Grania

Welcome to Wednesday.

Today is New Zealand actress Lucy Lawless‘s birthday (1968) famous for playing Xena, Warrior Princess and unlike many “action” women of the time, actually looked like she could kick the living daylights out of  the baddies du jour.


Eric Idle (1943) is celebrating his birthday as well. Long time member of the Monty Python group, his unique brand of comedy frequently took a musical bent and has enriched the world with beloved songs such as this one. (There are two people on this planet who don’t like the song, but mostly because they strongly disapprove of Life Of Brian).

Lastly, it is also the birthday of English composer William Walton (1902-1983). He wrote concertos and symphonies, but also composed for ballets and films; his style notable for containing eclectic and diverse influences.

From Poland our furry friends are discussing means of communication while they get comfortable.

Hili: Sometimes I’m lost for words.
Cyrus: Me too, but then I’m using body language.

In Polish:

Hili: Czasami brak mi słów.
Cyrus: Mnie też, ale wtedy używam mowy ciała.

As an endnote, reader Steve sent this in:

13 thoughts on “Wednesday: Hili dialogue

    1. In the war when my dad was in the RAF, they would all sit down & play records in lieu of any concerts. When Walton’s 1st symphony was put on, the universal response was to take it off!

      I think he was pretty good, but nothing like as good as RVW…

      Shouldn’t that be a quaver for the ‘on’ in Always look on the bright side….?

  1. I love Life of Brian. What a great movie. What about Angry Cat Man vs. Xena Warrior Princess? Who would win that battle? My money is on Angry Cat Man.

  2. Hi ,anyone remember Rutland Weekend Television ?, Eric Idle did it in the mid 70s i think .
    He won’t release it on DVD for some reason ,but it is on Youtube .

      1. Referring to his appearances on RWT, or that he bankrolled Life of Brian for no other reason than that he wanted to see the movie.


  3. William Walton also wrote terrific scores for the Shakespeare films of Laurence Olivier (including a bad one that LO did not direct, “As You Like It”).


    “Bright Side of Life” used to be in the campfire songbook of Camp Quest West, but is now gone. The lyrics were censored. “Life’s a piece of shit” was altered to something else. (There are 8 year olds at the camp.)

    I’m assuming the two who don’t like the song are Mary Whitehouse and Malcolm Muggeridge- the latter a frequent target of Christopher Hitchens on a whole host of issues, including his having single-handedly made Mother Teresa a hero in the West.

    Muggeridge’s “The Third Testament” remains IMO the single worst religious book I have ever read, largely because it takes 7 religious thinkers about 5 of whom were fairly radical and thought standard-issue Western Christianity to be fairly wretched, and presents all of them, falsely, to be pillars of classical orthodoxy. The chapter on William Blake has to be read to be believed.

    1. Before he became a god botherer Muggeridge was involved in making a film called Heavens Above starring Peter Sellars .
      In it’s own way it is funnier than Life of Brian .
      I sometimes wonder why John Cleese and Michael Palin didn’t remind him when they did the interview with him and the Bishop of Southwark.

  4. “Today is New Zealand actress Lucy Lawless‘s birthday (1968) famous for playing Xena, Warrior Princess and unlike many “action” women of the time, actually looked like she could kick the living daylights out of the baddies du jour.”

    Agree with that. Pre-Xena, I used to be disappointed that female leads in TV dramas were all fairly useless, Mrs Peel (Diana Rigg) of The Avengers being the only exception I can recall.

    Most of it was filmed around west Auckland, though they (Pacific Renaissance) did a very good job of staying invisible. The main studios were at 550 Rosebank Road about 3 miles from where I am, in a anonymous red-brick factory building just labelled, IIRC, ‘Party Hire’. There was another big anonymous studio behind a gas station a mile away from here.

    Much of it was shot on location at Bethells Beach (Te Henga) on the west coast (next beach north of Piha, but not nearly so visited) – it offers a remarkable variety of scenery within a couple of miles, deserted beach, a big cave, cliffs, clifftop fields, stream, swamp, sand dunes in the valley, a lake, pine forest, bush – and ‘they’ used them all. Bethells has also been used for many other productions, TV episodes, adverts (if there’s a beach in a NZ ad, 50/50 it’s Bethells).

    In case anyone hadn’t guessed, I love Bethells 😉

    Just mentioning in case PCC(E) should find himself there. It’s definitely worth visiting one of the west coast beaches, Whatipu, Piha or Bethells.


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