A bad squirrel; and Gus lagniappe

March 19, 2017 • 7:30 am

Reader Chris sent us this amusing anecdote of domestic food thieving.

The dominant squirrel got impatient and gnawed his way into the feeder:

So I got out the tinsnips and an old tin can:

I see I’m not much of a tinsmith as yet, but I guess I am an example of an animal learning tool usage because of another animal….

Score: Human 1 Squirrel 0 (so far).

And a bonus Gus photo. Someone knows how to live life for comfort.

8 thoughts on “A bad squirrel; and Gus lagniappe

  1. Gus, my life will not be complete until I get to kiss that little round white head of yours many, many times!

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