Nick Cohen is feeling his oats

February 28, 2017 • 1:30 pm

The good news is that Nick Cohen (author of What’s Left?: How Liberals Lost Their Way. and You Can’t Read This Book, both well worth reading) is a national treasure. The bad news is that he’s the UK’s national treasure, and so we don’t read him that much in the U.S. But he’s a good non-regressive Leftist, and tonight he’s in good form:

11 thoughts on “Nick Cohen is feeling his oats

  1. The BBC series looks interesting. Unfortunately, I was unable to access the content since one (apparently) needs to be in the UK to do so.

      1. Hi ,spoke too soon ,the first parts have been blocked by the BBC don’t know when the other parts will be blocked .

  2. At your behest I read “You Can’t Read This Book.” Not only was it a great read, it’s interesting how Trump keeps singing the praises of Britain’s libel laws and how he wants to adopt them here in the US and A. Scary. Oh, and thanks for recommending his books!

  3. I’ve seen this series, unless it’s a new one with the same name. It plays fairly regularly on the History channel. It’s excellent.

  4. Hi ,it was first shown on the BEEB ,around 1997.The BEEB(BBC) also published a book of the series at the same time .
    Have you seen “The World At War”?,from the early 70s .

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