10 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ the Muslim database

  1. A database of all Syrian refugees (and others) exists in Canada where all refugees are subject to Canadian Border Services & CSIS (security) screening prior to admission and grant of Permanent Resident status.
    I would be somewhat surprised if something similar does not exist in the US so why all the hyperbole?

    1. Because what’s being discussed isn’t keeping a database of refugees entering the country, but a registry of everyone of a specific religion. This is illegal in the US. We also have a history of things like questionable visitor tracking, internment camps, and blacklists, which adds to this issue.

      1. Since you are discussing it it is indeed being discussed. It is not being proposed by Trump. In fact his office announced there would be no religious registry.

  2. Trump doesnt care about the constitutions Registering Muslims as a group would be such a violation. I think though it might be a return to what Bush implemented on visitors and visa holders who are not permanent residents. Its still unnecessary and when coupled with the statement about banning muslim migration its really offensive. Assuming though that Muslim women are happy about Islamic restrictions just because we don’t hear from many of them is thoroughly incorrect and even callous. Many modern “feminists do it” because they join convention in thinking women should always ultimately put their interests second. Muslim women are intensively socialised, pressured, brainwashed to conform to the religion and indeed to believe it and its roles for women

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