Readers’ wildlife photos and video

November 17, 2016 • 9:30 am
We have two contributions today, the first being two landscapes from Stephen Barnard taken on November 15 from his home in Idaho. His caption:
Here’s the sunrise this morning (looking southeast), and its counterpart, a minute or two later, in the northwest.
And from reader Tim Anderson in Oz, we have what I believe is our first astronomy video. His notes:
The attached file is a timelapse movie of the southern night sky taken from my home in Cowra, NSW. The glow at the bottom of the frame comes from the lights of the town. Light pollution is an increasing problem for amateur and professional astronomers alike.
 Maybe some of you can recognize the stars or constellations.

13 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos and video

  1. Very good. You know, not many people look to the west during a sunrise.
    As for the astronomy time lapse, I think I see the large and small Magellanic clouds. These are dwarf galaxies that orbit our galaxy, and they are visible from the Southern hemisphere. At the start of the video they appear as faint smudges, one is ~ 12 o’clock, and the other at 9 o’clock.

          1. Ah, I see. I miss the grandeur of the enlargeable shots. But I’ve always wondered how you or anyone manage to send huge photo files over the internet. I suspect it’s just my DSL, but I have great trouble cyber-sending a decent shot without having to resize all the crispness out of it.

      1. If I’m looking at the right grouping, the cross is on its side pointing slightly downward and there’s a notable constellation/asterism just to its left?

  2. Beautiful time lapse. I’m not at all familiar with the southern hemisphere sky so nothing jumped out at me. Some of the dense clusters might be parts of the Milky Way, but I also wouldn’t rule out Magellanic Clouds.

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