Boston lawyer claims that the Vatican’s stand on sexual abuse is unchanged, with alterations only cosmetic

September 14, 2016 • 3:30 pm

If you saw the wonderful movie “Spotlight,” you’ll remember the performance of Stanley Tucci as Mitchell Garabedian, a Boston lawyer representing the victims of child abuse by Catholic priests. Well, here’s the real Garabedian in a six-minute interview with CBS News. The interviewer seems incredulous at Garabedian’s uncompromising claim that the Vatican isn’t doing squat about curbing child abuse, but I think the attorney is credible.

(Click on the screenshot to go to the video, and you’ll have to disable Adblock to see it.)


24 thoughts on “Boston lawyer claims that the Vatican’s stand on sexual abuse is unchanged, with alterations only cosmetic

  1. Garabedian is correct. The RCC is all talk and obfuscates and hides what’s really going on. They protect all abusers until they are caught. Nothing has changed in decades except what has happened in civil and criminal courts.

    Pope Francis is all talk. He has changed nothing on this issue or on anything else to change church dogma.

  2. Pope Francis talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. His comments about other Church issues, in addition to his comments about his priests’ pederasty, only serve to underscore the RCC’s continued retrograde attitudes. Pope Francis’ talk is just lipstick on the pig.

  3. Sad, sad, sad. Where are all the Catholic parents of all these abused kids? Where are the congregations who have to see the reports and read the testimony? The Catholics I know never mention the issue. What are they thinking? And, why are they still Catholics?

    1. To the extent that Catholics provide moral and financial support to the international criminal organisation known as the Catholic church, they are complicit in and bear responsibility for the crimes committed by this organisation.

    2. “Where are all the Catholic parents of all these abused kids?”

      I suspect mostly either completely in the dark and or too terrified of a nameless archaic horror to even begin to cope with what happened.

      I am also utterly mystified as how *anyone* could still be prepared to be a member of such an organization.

  4. I’m not surprised in the least that they haven’t really changed. Why would they, when so many of those priests who were, if not directly molesting children themselves, were busy with the cover-ups? It will most likely take a generation, or more, to see any real change, unless the nations in which these crimes took place actually do something about it and throw ALL guilty parties in prison. Otherwise, it will be business as usual, as the old guard infects the new with the same virus of quiet complacency and outright criminality. “This is the way we do things. why? Because this is the way we’ve always done it”…and so on.

    1. And because it works. As evidenced by the massive wealth and political power the RCC still has, and by how few of the RCC clergy that have raped minors or abetted those who have, have been subject to any of the legal consequences that the typical person would have been.

  5. The only thing that would help the Catholic church is female priest. Allowing marriage would also help a great deal. Otherwise, they are just playing with fire.

    1. RE-Allowing marriage would also help a great deal.

      When was it they banned the clergy from being married? 12th century or thereabouts.

  6. Stanley Tucci makes every movie he’s in better. What a fine actor.

    Garabedian is speaking here as an advocate, trying to advance the interests of his clients in pending litigation. That’s entirely appropriate, and I certainly side with his clients as against the Church. But he’s hardly a detached and neutral analyst. That is to say, Cicero — or in this instance, Garabedian — pro domo sua (is advocating on behalf of his own house, so to speak).

  7. The RCC won’t have lived up to their claims to a higher moral authority until they have reported offenders to secular authority and provided testimony and encouragement to victims to press charges.

    Criminal conspiracy and abetment is their present strategy. Merely ceasing their negative behaviour is not enough. They will not end the problem until they do their best to deter these criminal employees by aiding the courts in obtaining convictions.

  8. Imagine that; an institution founded on the desire to not experience desire is continuing to implode under the weight of its own unsustainable hypocrisy. The Pope should make a public announcement that Freud was right and then donate the Vatican to the Office of Child Support Enforcement and its foreign affiliates.

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