Here are the insects!

July 11, 2016 • 1:30 pm

Here’s today’s “where’s the __” reveal. Above the fold I’ll show the original photos, and then click “Read more” at the very bottom to see the reveals.

From reader Barn Owl: there’s a stick insect here:


And a hidden grass moth from reader Gabe McNett:

Spot the grass moth_1

The reveals!

Here’s the stick insect, and if you can’t see it now, Ceiling Cat help you!:

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 6.40.17 AM


And here’s the grass moth:

Spot the grass moth_1-ANS

10 thoughts on “Here are the insects!

    1. I’ve got one of a peppered moth somewhere – but it’s on granite, so a bit obvious.

  1. Ceiling Cat help you indeed!

    Some walkingsticks spray an irritating chemical when disturbed – not sure about this species, but I wasn’t going disturb it to find out.

  2. Very cool stick insect, Barn Owl!

    Gabe, not that it would have helped, but where was this pic taken? The actual moth was one of the candidates I had in mind, but even after some contemplation I wasn’t sure!

  3. Now that the reveal is up (no, I didn’t find it) I’m not sure the moth is a Crambid. It looks more like a Scoparidae to me.
    Where was the photo taken? I do not know much about North American moths so I may be wrong if there are Crambids that look like this over the Pond.

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