Baby otter reunited with family

May 23, 2016 • 3:00 pm

Of course we’ll close the day with a heartwarmer—a video sent by reader Su.  It tells the tale of a baby otter who became separated from its group. After some rearing—it took twenty people to effect the whole operation—it was brought back to good nick and released into the care of its previous group.

This all took place in Singapore, a place I hope to visit this fall.

If after seeing this you don’t have some restoration of your faith in humanity, you’re made of stone.


31 thoughts on “Baby otter reunited with family

  1. They looked very happy to have him back, so he otter be fine.

    Sure were a lot of plastic water bottles strewn along the shore…

    1. Oh, he is fine, the family did clam bake everything.

      That strand had seen a lot of litters, for a shore.

    1. Yeah, as I was watching I was almost too distracted by all the trash to really enjoy the otters. Based on the comments so far, I clearly was not the only one.

  2. Jerry, please pick up some garbage while you are there! Yuck, what a mess along that shoreline. What is wrong with humans? It was hard for me to watch this beautiful otter family have to maneuver the man-made junk on the beautiful beach.

    1. What is wrong with humans?

      They often have a belief (without evidence) in the existance of a place called “away”. As in “throw it away.”
      Newton showed that without supplying substantial energy, “away” is “somewhere on this planet”.

      1. As opposed to “come from away”, the Newfoundlander’s term for anybody not born there.

          1. Yup, they are. Generally welcoming, but you’re a CFA no matter how hard you try to fit in!

            1. No disrespect meant, but it’s horrible stuff. At least I think so…Kissing the cod was kinda fun though.

              1. No disrespect taken. 😉 It isn’t anywhere near as bad as I expected. But I say that as someone who avoided rum completely for five decades after an unfortunate experience in Madrid in high school. I still prefer a nice dream of Scotch, but the fact that I can have a spot of Screech and not relive my bad rum night says, at least, something!

  3. I have mixed feelings:all the efforts for this réunion deserve a big bravo. But could somebody do something with all that dangerous plastic junk?! Clearly a job for SuperJerry! Weitpower!!

    1. the ultra-cute and the grotesque human detritus side-by-side. Jarred my notion about Singapore being hyper neat, managed, controlled, clean, spit and die, etc.

  4. A wonderful story, and I too am amazed at all the litter. You will be hard pressed to find a cleaner city anywhere. Heavy fines for littering etc.Jerry, if you go go business class with Singapore Air.

  5. This ended very well! I was worried that mama had stopped lactating in the meanwhile, but she had a couple other spare pups, and so there was no danger of that.

  6. If you are planning to come to Singapore, you should know you have at least one regular reader who wouldn’t mind having his copies of WEIT, FvF and Speciation autographed. (I shamefully admit that I have not read the latter.) Any other SG residents reading this, let’s try to give PCC a good welcome.

    1. Thanks. It’s not 100% sure I’ll come, as plans are still gelling, but I hope to, and will give a talk to the local skeptic/humanist/atheist group. I’ll certainly announce it if I go, and of course will be glad to sign books.

      1. And as another Singapore resident, allow me to second that welcome. Really hope you can make it Jerry. As for the mess, it is true that Singapore’s reputation for cleanliness is a bit over-rated. Tourist spots, sure, but do not look too closely elsewhere.

    2. I thoroughly loved Singapore (didn’t think I would).

      Eat, eat, eat. The street stands are the best Asian food I’ve had. And you can get just about any flavor of Asian food, the seafood is fresh and abundant, and you can eat and drink everything! (I happen to like that cleanliness reputation Singapore has!)

      I am looking forward to the food photos! 🙂

  7. Very heart-warming story.
    Reminds me of a related joke, for those that know of the novel ‘Tarka The Otter’ (by Henry Williamson, 1927).
    Man in a curry restaurant placing his order, asks the waiter for a Chicken Tarka. The waiter informs sir they have that dish, he’s not heard of it before. “Oh” said the man, “It’s similar to Chicken Tikka, but a little otter!”
    As Jerry would say: I’ll be here all week folks,
    Chris G.

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