Simon’s Cat Logic: on boxes (with added advice to staff)

May 19, 2016 • 3:15 pm

Simon Tofield, the talented creator of Simon’s Cat, has teamed up with cat experts to provide not only cartoons, but also useful information about cats. The new series is called “Cat Logic.” Here we have an episode on boxes with cat expert Nicky Trevorrow from Cats Protection:

h/t: Ken

14 thoughts on “Simon’s Cat Logic: on boxes (with added advice to staff)

  1. Ha, this is fantastic! I picked up a new box for Gus today. It remains to be seen if it will meet his specifications……

    1. I thought of Gus when Simon’s Cat took a bite out of the box in the film! I look forward to his adventures. 🙂

  2. Our cat, Emma, has a box (more like a lid) that is in the kitchen where she eats. When she is hungry, she gets in the box.

  3. I always figured it was something like this. Humans like eating because it’s necessary to survive. But because our instincts are imperfect, we like eating even when it’s detrimental to our survival.

    Since hiding is necssary for a cats survival (as they are, I believe, primarily ambush predators) they would like hiding even when they have no reason to do it.

    I wonder if this means they don’t like it when we go looking for them and find them? Or maybe it “doesn’t count” when a respected staff member goes looking for them to provide them more services.

  4. Given a choice between the TaxMan’s incomprehensible websites and Simon’s cat – well, any cat – [grabs beer; assumes supine posture] …

  5. Ha-ha but serious question (before I launch from Lave and go and shoot LOTs of aliens. Dealing ith the tax man – I’m sure you understand.), Are any regular glues etc in box construction (both in making the box and making the cardboard) toxic?
    Automatic other side of the coin – the box manufacturer who examines this question and comes up with a good (defensible) answer, has a safe line to a megabox deal with sellers of cat-owner paraphernalia.
    But it’s a serious (if ha-ha-rooted) question. From my knowledge of biology (IANA biologist or biochemist) , I wouldn’t suspect bad reactions between Kitty (or Fido) and chocolate. Now, I just put a red flag up for chocolate and non-humans. Simples. so … anyone know?
    Oh, I hear a tax man! Can I launch and to horrible things to it involving a laser and a very crude understanding of anatomy?

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