Pareidolia: Satan afflicts a sick baby?

March 15, 2016 • 8:00 am

Reader Peter sent a freaky photo of his sick son. His notes:

You sometimes post some pareidolia shots and so I thought I would send this screenshot I took off my webcam while I was monitoring my sick baby. I guess because he was so sick, I was spending extra time looking at him and just when he rolled this suddenly popped up. In the split second that my brain took to see the picture I was startled before rationality set in. The growbag that he is in is all white with coloured dots on it (hard to see from the infra-read webcam). There are no images of anything else. This peculiar set of conditions that enabled these shadows to pop up in this configuration is quite rare, I would think. I can only imagine what an irrational mind would think of it.

Could it be . . . ?

26 thoughts on “Pareidolia: Satan afflicts a sick baby?

  1. I don’t see it either.

    How do you know Satan was trying to harm him? That awfully prejudiced! Maybe Satan is his real dad and he was trying to heal him! 🙂

    1. Ted Cruz is Dracula…obviously. Just think about it: have you ever met him in the day time?

      I hope Trump reads this blog. I can imagine what he’ll say in his next speach: “Alot of people are saying Ted Cruz is Dracula. I dont see it but alot of people are saying it. Good people. Its true”

      1. Looks like Count Dracula from Sesame Street.

        1, 2, 3. Three times to see the count. Ha ha ha ha!

  2. What are we seeing here, the Dracula-ish face at the baby’s feet?

    Yeah, it’s there, but it’s pretty indistinct and un-awesome.

    This is what the supernatural is being reduced to: Devils in babywear folds, saviors on rye toast. Meh.

    (The only thing scary for me is the discovery that “growbag” is a thing.)

    1. It’s probably a lot more awesome if it’s in a picture of your baby. 😉

      And I think “growbag” is just a new name for an old concept. (Does sound like something you’d buy to start pot plants in, though.)

  3. Don’t see much. Perhaps a pointy-eared head at the feet? Not sure why that would be Satan rather than an elf with a terrible haircut.

    Also, I join comment 5. in protest against the utter ugliness of the term “growbag”; may it never catch on.

  4. I see a duck.. maybe a bunny by the feet. Otherwise, screw-up my eyes as I may, I’m not forming that particular pattern.

  5. Looks like cartoon Spock to me.

    And yes, “growbag” is really bad. Whoever coined that should be forced to watch the narwhal song music video on continuous repeat for one year.

  6. Aw…what a cute baby. I hope he’s feeling better. Let’s see if I can help:


    There, that should make him feel much better. You don’t need to thank me.

  7. I think you’re good for now, Peter, but check back if the kid’s head starts spinning and he takes to spewing pea soup.

  8. The only thing I can remotely see is an upside-down baby in an opening fetal position (the white area at your baby’s feet). If I were superstitious I’d ask you if your baby originally had a twin who died in utero… I hope your little one gets well very fast.

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