Monday: Hili dialogue (and Leon + squirrel lagniappe)

January 25, 2016 • 6:00 am

It’s a new week, and I woke up to this: a report that the “German Association of Catholic Doctors” says it can cure homosexuality via homeopathy. Two diluted doses of woo compounded with one of bigotry and another of ignorance! Wikipedia reports several events for this day in history, including this for January 25, 1858: “The Wedding March by Felix Mendelssohn is played at the marriage of Queen Victoria’s daughter, Victoria, and Friedrich of Prussia, and becomes a popular wedding processional.” In 1915, Alexander Graham Bell started the first US transcontinental telephone service—a call from New York to San Francisco. On this day in 1961, we saw the first live Presidential news conference with John F. Kennedy. On this day Robert Burns was born (1759), and so was Virginia Woolf (1882) and Paul Nurse (1949) who, though barely older than I, has a Nobel Prize (oy). Deaths on this day include Al Capone (1947) and Ava Gardner (1990). Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, a sleepy Hili occupies Andrzej’s chair:

Hili: This chair is much more comfortable without you.
A: You think so?


In Polish:

Ja: Bez ciebie ten fotel jest dużo wygodniejszy.
Hili: Tak sądzisz?

And, in the snowy mountains of Poland, Leon still won’t go hiking:

Leon: No, thank you. I’m going back inside.


I don’t know squat about Star Trek, but I do know from squirrels. Reader Anne-Marie Cournoyer sent a Squirrel of the Day from Montreal with Trekkie references, most which of course elude me except for the salutation:

A Trekkie squirrel:
After a time, you may find that having is nut so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is nut logical, but is often true.
Live long and prosper.

It is a lovely squirrel, though. Look at those bent fingers and wicked claws!


13 thoughts on “Monday: Hili dialogue (and Leon + squirrel lagniappe)

  1. I sense a theme:

    “Infi-nut diversity in infi-nut combinations.”


    “When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the nut of the matter.”

  2. The quote is from a great episode from the “classic” Star Trek series, which from memory goes something like “You may find, after a time, that ~having~ is not so pleasing a thing as ~wanting~. It is not logical, but it is often true”. It’s one of Spock’s most profound observations, and it shows that he got something valuable from his mostly annoying associations with humans. Great stuff!

  3. I cannot help wondering what those German homeopaths are diluting to effect their ‘cure’. One’s mind simply boggles darlings.

  4. If Leon’s staff think that he might wear a cat sweater, I would be honored to make one for him. There are loads of free or inexpensive patterns on Ravelry (in case one of Leon’s staff knits or crochets), many featuring photos of Cats Who Are (Apparently) Willing to Wear Sweaters.

    I have three small dogs, one of whom will wear sweaters happily (and needs them, since she’s a short-haired Chihuahua). The other two are Pomeranian mixes and don’t need sweaters in this climate, and aren’t especially thrilled about wearing them on the few days when it’s quite cold, wet, and windy.

  5. In September 2015, a homeopathy conference in Germany was stricken by poisoning. Thirty participants were taken away by ambulance to real hospitals. The best quote from them: “We have no idea how this happened.”

  6. Jerry, May I correct your Star Trek nomenclature? A serious Star Trek fan should be referred to as a Trekker. A Trekkie is a teen-age girl who thinks she is in love with Captain Kirk. Apparently, not many people know this as Trekkie is in such wide use. Oh well. Live long and prosper.

    1. This is of course why everybody else says “Trekkie” 😉

      We only does it to annoy
      Because we knows it teases


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