Reminder: send in your Christmas cats

December 21, 2015 • 9:45 am

Just a reminder: I’ll be accepting Christmas-themed photos of readers’ cats until Christmas Eve; they’ll be posted the next day. Rules: one photo per customer, must have a holiday theme, and the cat must be yours. Cats don’t have to be living; we do post pictures of cats from Christmases past. A few lines about your moggie (including its name) would be appreciated, but don’t be too verbose.

One thing I’ve learned from the nine pictures already submitted is that cats like to climb on Christmas trees. I should have realized it: they not only like to climb, but the trees are festooned with dangly and shiny things that are perfect for batting.

Posting will be lighter until the New Year as Professor Ceiling Cat (Emeritus) wants to have a break.


10 thoughts on “Reminder: send in your Christmas cats

  1. Anticipating at least one photo of a large, plucked, cookable bird with a furry tail and/ or shanks protruding from the body cavity as the attached feline gets the last of the tasty bits.
    MMMmmmmmmm gingery and other spices mulled into a half pint of cider. PRRRRRrrrrrrr !

    1. NOW anticipating a (posed) photo of a Dinorachid (or Phororachid, I forget the taxonomy and blame mulled cider – the eocene age “dino-birds”) skull or mountes specimen with an artfullt arranged tuna treat and kitten tail. (Kitten still attached.)
      Or do I just have a … particular imagination?

  2. Okay, I give up. Jerry, how do I send you my cat photo? Sorry for being so dumb but I can’t find an email anywhere. What am I missing? Help!

    1. I’ve never emailed him but from other comments I’ve gathered that you need to google him and find his email address yourself. You might want to check out the U. Of Chicago website/faculty directory, for example. Good luck. I hope to see your cat photo.

      I greatly admire his foresight in making cranks work to find him.

    2. The “Research Interests” link above (top right on my laptop display, but you may have a different theme applied by your browser) takes you to Prof CC’s “work” website at U.Chicago, which includes the necessary email address.

  3. Miss Possum ,the matriarch, obviously believes in santa. She could use the naughty cushion in the other chair but never does. From Tony Lawless in Cairns, Tropical Far North Queensland, Australia.

    Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2015 15:45:42 +0000 To:

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