Saturday: Hili dialogue

November 7, 2015 • 5:17 am

It’s Saturday, and that means only one thing: today’s the day of the Annual South Side Pie Challenge, raising money for the Hyde Park and Kenwood Hunger Programs. I of course will be there to photograph the many luscious homemade pies (one of America’s great contributions to gastronomy), and also to contribute money to this worthy cause by buying as much pie as I can. Photos will be up within a few days. Also, I have several writing and science projects this week, so posting may be light. As always, I will do my best. Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, Hili is searching for her comestibles up in the trees, and where the hell did she learn Latin, anyway?:

Hili: Stupid birds, stupid birds…
A: Hili, what are you on about?
Hili: Audacter caluminiare, semper aliquid haeret.
Malgorzata adds this note about the Latin:  In case you do not know it: “Slander boldly, something always sticks.”
In Polish:
Hili: Głupie ptaki, głupie ptaki…
Ja: Hili, co ty wygadujesz?
Hili: Audacter calumniare semper aliquid haeret.


18 thoughts on “Saturday: Hili dialogue

        1. Yeah…now, all I have to do is get a CALDAV/CARDAV server running without losing too many calendar events and contacts. And then I need to migrate a couple old Web sites done in an homebrew CMS to WordPress, after which I can…well…honestly, I try to not think that far into the future.

          My new iMac arrived yesterday, too. Real beast of a machine…basically maxed-out everything, intended to finally be as much computer as I can conceive needing. As in, I should be able to manage working with multi-layer 300 ppi 44″ x 66″ images. Might be another week before I can get it out of the box, though…and then I have to clean up the old one to give to Mom & Dad…and…and…and…did I mention? I try not to think that far into the future….


            1. Not for me…at least for the foreseeable future, this is the end of the line for me. On the desktop, I’m likely not upgrading much past El Capitan. Free software is getting really close to what I need for photography…not quite there yet, but it’s very likely to be there in a few years. And it’s already potentially superior for certain parts of the workflow. The rest…email, browsing, document editing, that sort of thing…it’s been far more than good enough for quite some time.

              Still leaves the question of mobile devices…but they’re going to interface with *DAV for decades and more.

              So…that’s the plan. I’m moving as aggressively as I can to OpenBSD, and the hardware I have should last me at least until I’m eligible for AARP. If I’m still feeling curmudgeonly then, there should be lots of cheap used junk even better than what I’ve got today.


              1. Sounds like a kick-ass plan. Good luck with it. I’m into video editing. The idea is to switch the workflow from windows and Sony Vegas to Mac and Final Cut.

              2. Video scares the shit out of me. I have enough trouble just getting a single frame right…and then you’re supposed to deal with twenty four frames each and every second!? For minutes if not hours on end? And audio, as well? Fuck that shit!

                I know FCP is one of the 800 pound gorillas of the field…and that’s about the extent of my knowledge. I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody in the free software movement is doing good stuff with video, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if nobody is. I just haven’t a clue.


              3. Well now, video is not that different from still shooting. The same principles of composition apply. I’m sure you’d do it well.
                I really miss UNIX from my early career. I’d consider BSD but I’m stuck using these Windows and soon Mac aps. It sounds like you are really going to enjoy the environment – “Free, functional, and secure”.

              4. Well, OS X really is just a GUI laid on top of BSD Unix. Not OpenBSD…Darwin, which traces its roots more closely to FreeBSD, though there’s lots of cross-fertilization, of course.

                On any OS X computer, you can open a terminal window and you’ve got a complete Unix userland. If you want a compiler, that’s a separate but free download and installation from the App Store.


  1. “I have several writing and science projects this week…” So Professor Emeritus bears little relation to being retired.

  2. Pies are older than America – at least the European part of American history. Chaucer (no less) apparently printed an apple pie recipe in 1381. And the idea goes back at least to the ancient Egyptians….so quite how do they get to be an American contribution. Puzzled.

    PS check out

    Just catching up with today’s posts – been eating a pizza pie in Key West – where the weather is much nicer than it was when we left Chicago.

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