Tuesday: Hili dialogue

October 6, 2015 • 2:01 am

A week from today I’ll be flying from Stockholm to Atlanta via Newark, a flight I’m not looking forward to, for it’s over nine hours before I even get to the hell that is Newark Airport. Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, Hili deviated from her usual trick of coming into the house by jumping on the window, triggering Andrzej or Malgorzata to go outside, pick her up, and carry her inside. Now she can come in if the window is simply opened, for she destroyed the screen last summer by constant scratching (cats are jerks). Now the screen is scheduled for replacement, so, with this rare exception, Hili still comes inside by the “carry me” route. (Letting her learn that the window can open is a sure route to damaging future screens.)

A: Come in all the way here right now, because I want to close the window.
Hili: I can’t, because something is chirping out there.


In Polish:
Ja: Wejdź wreszcie, bo chcę okno zamknąć.
Hili: Nie mogę, bo tam coś ćwierka.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday: Hili dialogue

  1. Couldn’t we design a window cat flap with an added insect screen? A lot of cat flaps now are programmable so only your cat’s micro chip is recognized.

    1. …or a screen material impervious to cat claws. You know? Made from the same stuff as they’ll build the space elevator from? I hear the President has some new clothes made from it, as well — very snazzy!


  2. I once flew from Copenhagen to Chicago. I watched two movies, ate, slept, read, and it still seemed like there were five hours left in the flight.

    1. We have the same ambivalence with Carla – delighted with her superb ability to con us, and annoyed when she uses part of the inside as a scratching post. And then she jumps on our respective laps and we melt.

  3. Hili came in without being carried?! Perhaps she just realized what had happened, and was considering returning to correct her error?

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