Spot the toads

September 23, 2015 • 3:15 pm

by Greg Mayer

A further salientian post is coming, but since people seemed to have such fun finding the frogs, I thought I’d add a quick post on spotting the toads.These are American toads, part of the same “rescue” as the green frogs featured yesterday. I think getting the count right on this one is actually a bit trickier.

Bufo americanus next to Greenquist Woods, Kenosha, WI, 17.ix.2015
Bufo americanus next to Greenquist Woods, Kenosha, WI, 17.ix.2015

Regarding those frogs from yesterday and how many there were, I had released 18 of them, and did not know how many were in that particular picture, as I just snapped a few shots as they scurried away. The frog-like thing in the lower right is, as several readers noted, a rolled leaf; it does look froggy at first glance, but zooming in reveals its true nature. (On my screen, clicking, and then clicking again, produced the usual magnified image– I’m not sure why it didn’t work for many readers. At least we all learned about ctrl + scroll (crtl+<+> also works)!) I count four frogs. However, regular reader Jim Knight, who is a very experienced field herpetologist, said he saw five, so I’m not excluding the possibility I’ve missed one myself.

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  1. love the frog posts. Once, as I was the geologist on site for a underground storage tank pull, I found a bunch of frogs in the hole that the tank was removed from There was a hell of a sheen on the water in the pit, and the frogs were probably doomed anyway but I couldn’t just let the backhoe bury the frogs. I spent at least an hour scooping them out with a shovel, much to the amusement of the backhoe operator and the other guys who were waiting to pave over the hole.

  2. I’ve got six toads (on is more or less buried under other toads and some leaf litter) and four frogs on the previous post.

    For what it’s worth, there is an easy workaround to seeing the full image, at least on my computer (Mac OS 10.10.2; Firefox 33.1)… right click on the image, select “View Image”, then once the image loads, delete everything in the URL after “?w=573&h=322” (or “?w=[whatever size happens to be here]”) and hit “enter”…

    1. ‘+’ or Ctrl + to enlarge in Opera
      ‘-‘ or Ctrl – to shrink
      Ctrl + and Ctrl – in Iceweasel (Firefox clone) and in Chromium (Google Chrome base)

      Also, right-clicking on the pic and selecting ‘View Picture’ or ‘Open in new tab’ works in all of those.

      That’s under Debian Linux, probably the same under other OS’s


      1. Zooming in and out (⌘+ and ⌘- on Macs, FWIW) just makes the pixels bigger or smaller, unfortunately… it doesn’t give you more of ’em. I need more pixels! 🙂

        1. It depends on the original resolution of the picture, the size and resolution of your screen, etc. Zooming those toads out by a factor of almost 3:1 (so the picture occupies my full screen) gives me vastly more detail.


          1. By the way, it’s five definite, plus I think there’s a sixth one in the middle that they’re sitting on. I can see an expanse of warty skin that doesn’t appear to belong to any of the adjoining toads – part of it is the right front leg of the middle-of-the-picture toad, but part of it can’t be.

            (I had to zoom the picture to be sure)


  3. I actually think I see seven, but 30-40 years ago, I wasn’t particular about what I ingested as long as it was mind-altering. There may be only 5 or 6 toads. Until our new neighbor decided it was a great idea to adopt a couple of feral cats and allow them to roam, we had hundreds of toads around and in our yard. I never actually counted them though.

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