Tuesday: Hili Dialogue

September 22, 2015 • 6:00 am

Good morning all! Grania here.

Jerry is already on his way to Poland and will touch down later today. I’m sure he will check in with us as soon as he is able.

Hili: History is a great teacher.
Cyrus: What do you mean?
Hili: In the past after returning home we always had something to eat.



In Polish:

Hili: Historia jest wielką nauczycielką.
Cyrus: Co masz na myśli?
Hili: W przeszłości, po powrocie do domu, zawsze coś jedliśmy.


And there is a bonus Leon monologue:

Leon: Did astronomical summer go away?

leon autumn


It is indeed distinctly autumnal in parts of Europe today.


Today was a busy day in history. In 480 BC it saw the Battle of Salamis (not nearly as funny as it sounds), in 1692 the last unfortunate people convicted of witchcraft in the infamous Salem Witch Trials were hanged. I’d like to think that humanity has gotten better since then, and maybe it has. But not enough yet.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday: Hili Dialogue

  1. The reference to 1692 witch trials and the reference to the lack of progress in some quarters…the link brings up one of our favorite subjects, Saudi Arabia. The referenced article includes:

    “The Saudi government and many of its citizens subscribe to the 18th-century teachings of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, a revivalist Islamic scholar who called for a return to literal interpretations of the Quran,”

    So, as primitive as it was before the 18th century, they seem to have doubled down at that point. Progress (always hoped for when leadership changes) seems to be a far off hope indeed. Having reverted to the 7th century 200 years ago, how long will it take for them to grow through their own enlightenment and enter the world as full partners with the rest of modern humanity?

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