Wednesday: Hili dialogue

September 2, 2015 • 6:30 am

It’s gonna be another scorcher in Chicago today, with temperatures rising into the nineties, and I’m worried about the crayfish, though I haven’t seen any others out of the pond. It’s September, too, and still a month before classes begin at Chicago. Fortunately, things have cooled down in Dobrzyn, with temperatures in the low twenties (Celsius) and the arrival of some much-needed rain.  Meanwhile, the Furry Princess of Poland is preening:

Hili: I will probably look good in this.
A: In what?
Hili: In this landscape.
WednesdayIn Polish:
Hili: Powinno mi być w tym do twarzy.
Ja: W czym?
Hili: W tym krajobrazie.


5 thoughts on “Wednesday: Hili dialogue

  1. Nice picture of Hili and the river.

    Maybe hot here west of Chicago but also another inch of rain. Enough already.

  2. Hili does look like she’s crowning the landscape.

    For your further delectation, consider how this paper [ ] went from the title

    “Unexpected consequences of a drier world: evidence that delay in late summer rains biases the population sex ratio of an insect”

    to the press release

    “Climate to cause lesser of two weevils”

    [ ].

    1. Lesser of two weevils – nice click bate title. Enough of these and the Republicans might have a change of heart on global warming. 😉

    2. For those of us old enough to remember, the BBC had a radio show “My Word”, in which one of the contests between the two teams was to construct a story around the origin of a quotation, given at the beginning of the half-hour show, with the story to be told at the end – and the story on one show ended with “the lesser of two weevils”: I think it involved ship’s biscuit, but it’s a long time back.

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