A genuine miracle, and you saw it here first!

August 17, 2015 • 1:30 pm

It totally IS! Look at the shadow of this plume moth! The creature (perhaps an angel?) was clearly sent by G*d as a harbinger of the End Times. Now you can go worship the wall at the House of Ron (the reader who sent this message), or you can worship this site. Either way, this is something big!

But Ron himself, the scalawag, is clearly a doubter, for his email said this:

My daughter spotted this insect on our house in Milwaukee and I took a photo to share with you. The shadow is something special and will amuse some of your readers if you decide to post the photo.

Amuse, indeed. But if this was on a hyper-Christian blog, I’d be inundated with vistors.

Jesus moth

p.s. This does not mean that Jesus is Batman.

52 thoughts on “A genuine miracle, and you saw it here first!

      1. “This does not mean that Jesus is Batman.”

        Uh, has anyone ever seen Jesus and Batman in the same place at the same time? I think not…..

  1. You certainly have a lot to learn about clickbait. 🙂

    At very least you could have led with
    JESUS IS BATMAN!!!11elebenty

    Or at least something along the lines of:

    “In the University of Chicago Term of 2015 I gave in, and admitted that Batman was God, and knelt and prayed: perhaps, that night, the most dejected and reluctant convert in all America.”

    Link for other readers going “wtf is she on?”

              1. I paid off my own mortgage in record time a few years ago…can’t recommend it highly enough. Live on rice and beans if you have to; it’s worth it.


              1. I’ve always been amused by the headlines that start with, “Scientists baffled by….”

  2. I’m converted! This is the most convincing proof of a supreme being since I thought I saw Jeebuz in the mirror. (Alas, it turned out I’d switched my contacts around.) Yet another reason to return to the city of my birth!

  3. “Sophisticated theologians” will dismiss this, but contrary to what that want you to believe the majority of believers that atheists are addressing/ridiculing in their books, speeches, or on their websites are NOT “sophisticated theologians”.

    I’ve never understood the complaint from the aforementioned that we don’t address the “sophisticated” arguments. Why would we concentrate on such people when the 95%+ of believers don’t fall into that category.

  4. Dunno, looks more like Icarus to me. Really the only thing that makes it reminiscent of Jesus is the bent leg, but you have to concentrate on that and ignore what are clearly wings, and not arms.

    1. Who knew that you could catch enough of an updraft off a little hill like Calvary to keep the Man & His cross airborne?

      Or maybe this is the scientific explanation for The Ascension.

      1. The first picture on that page is of a painting of JC heading heavenwards called “Christi Himmelfahrt”.

        So maybe he is rocket-propelled (diet of beans and all that…)

        (Yeah I know ‘fahrt’ doesn’t translate that way – but it ought to.


        1. Well, according to the Apostles’ Creed, He “descended into hell” during his Saturday break between crucifixion and resurrection. Maybe they were serving beans & franks there — or maybe, like a plane approaching Logan, He simply descended into Boston.

  5. once again, PCC brought out the deep thinkers with a difficult intellectual exercise . . . “to have been or not to have been???”

  6. For a while, we had a plume moth that would visit our front door light. I’d only ever see it perched on the bricks, and I called it “Tex” because it looked like a “T” and, with the visible legs showing in an “X” pattern, the name was obvious.

    Took me a LONG time to find what this was, and I looked in a number of bug sites. I just never figured it was a _moth_.

    Another insect that really doesn’t look like a moth is the ailanthus webworm moth. Google for “ailanthus webworm moth pics” for some good close-ups.

      1. Exactly. And I combed through pics of beetles for literally HOURS before never finding the thing in that category! 🙂

  7. Don’t you know that Donald Trump is Batman? . . . .At least that’s what he told a kid at the Iowa State Fair when he gave him a ride in his helicopter.

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