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  1. Sounds like some of that radical comedy.

    Today they put the flag up in Cuba. How many remember in 1959 when it came down?

    1. Why did the Cubans take down their flag in 1959? And for that matter, I’m sure I saw Cuban flags flying in photos from my friends who have worked and vacationed in Cuba in the last couple of decades.

      1. I *think* he means the US flag on the US embassy. But you knew that, didn’t you…?



        1. The news that the US had re-opened an embassy didn’t make enough noise over here to notice at that time. To be honest, it wasn’t until I’d been passed over for the Cuba job (my colleague Simon got it) that I even discovered that there was a US-Cuban embargo.

  2. I doubt that I recall Old Glory’s coming down. What history I do remember is that it would have likely been, then at its descent, a 48 – or a 49 – star – spangled one.

    Alaska joined USA’s Union on 03 January 1959, with Hawaii shortly following thereafter with its own statehood official on 21 August of that year. Thus, likely from the States’ Embassy the specifically downed one then, at wherever it is now, is not of the same design pattern which was hoisted today … …


  3. That image makes the point I like to make about the common charge that New Atheists represent the “other extreme” from Militant Theism.

    Currently on the Militant Theist side (e.g. Radical Islam/ISIS) you have them beheading everyone in sight, raping children, pushing gays off buildings, burning people alive in cages, virtually every depraved activity possible.

    On the other “extreme” you have…Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins etc writing books and engaging in civil debates.

    Talk about an inadvertent advertisement for New Atheism!

    1. Some of us engage in un-civil debates, up to and including sarcasm. It’s not all sweetness and light out there. There’s pasta and meatballs too.

      1. A quote: doesn’t matter who it’s from:

        The first person to throw an insult rather than a stone was the founder of civilisation.

  4. On the NYC subway, typically, its a man with a bible unbuttoning his coat. He’ll rant between stops all the cliches bible thumpers memorize late at night in their dingy apartments looking into the mirror.
    I’m all for a refreshing change, like the above.

      1. This is one great improvement we owe to Walkmans and MP3 players – people do use headphones. Decades ago it used to be transistor radios without phones.


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