This week’s book-related interviews

August 9, 2015 • 3:00 pm

I’ll be doing three radio interviews this week (actually four, but one will be broadcast later), and I’ve put the information below if you’re interested in listening. All are streamed lived on the internet.

Monday, August 10, 8-9 a.m. Central (Chicago) time: The Joy Cardin show on Wisconsin Public Radio (listen live at this site; programs archived here).

Tuesday, August 11, 4-6 p.m. Central time: The Milt Rosenberg show on WCGO Chicago. Listen live here and get archived podcasts here.

Wednesday, August 12, 9:35-9:50 p.m. (Note, NOT a.m.!) Central time: The Jordana Green Show, WCCO AM, Minneapolis. Listen live here, podcasts archived here.

4 thoughts on “This week’s book-related interviews

  1. I assume you have listened to Mr. Rosenberg a fair number of times. From what times I’ve listened to him I perceive that he is not a little conservative and acerbic and significantly predisposed to go after abody. At the same time I perceive him (a retired academic) inclined to give rationality and critical thinking its just due.

  2. This comment is after the fact just a bit as I just listened to the Joy Cardin Show.

    Outstanding performance by Prof. Coyne as nearly all areas were covered including extensive definition of compatibility, morality, spirituality, what atheism is and is not, reasons why USA is religious, proper definition of science and more.

    I have never seen a better interviewer than this show. She remained completely neutral and mostly very quiet throughout and let Jerry do the talking. The questions from the audience were mostly, not questions but statements but they did add to the conversation.

    Great show……………

    1. O ( of its archival edition over m’ lunchtime hour here: ) I quite concur and especially as re i) her silence – skill and ii) her actual queries: Ms Cardin certainly did do an excellent job (“Our lines are full !”) as, of course, did Dr Coyne: “Scientists don’t do that!” and “ … … but to pretend they are co – equal” and “imposes a set of blinkers” of “revelation, dogma and authority” and “compartmentalization !”

      “ a nation of barbarians and savages !”

      I am “not running amok in the streets” either ! Should I be ? !

      Actually i) of Truths and ii) of the Cosmos in toto, then my too being “in awe of” it as well as of its tinier portions — those streets — is enough for me.


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