Wednesday: Hili dialogue

July 29, 2015 • 5:44 am

It’s Hump Day, and fortunately several readers have contributed items for posting today, as I’m still unable to write much. Matthew Cobb has also come through with two pieces that will go up later.

Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, Hili is being a duplicitous cat, which is probably a redundancy.

A: What are you doing?
Hili: I’m waiting for the postman.
A: Your lies are transparent.
Hili: But they have wings.


In Polish:
Ja: Co tam robisz?
Hili: Czekam na listonosza.
Ja: Twoje kłamstwa mają krótkie nogi.
Hili: Ale są skrzydlate.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday: Hili dialogue

  1. In the interests of linguistic exposition, the phrase “Twoje kłamstwa mają krótkie nogi” which is translated as “Your lies are transparent”, literally means, “Your lies have short legs.”

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