28 thoughts on “Faith vs. Fact is an audiobook

  1. Amazon has the book on CD. I just ordered it…26 dollars and worth every penny…looking forward to hearing it on the way to work!

  2. Sounds pretty good to me too. I would have preferred a younger voice, but after a couple minutes I really enjoyed the cadence and introspection that I was experiencing. While listening to many of the other ‘great’ books , like Hitchens, Dawkins, etc., I can’t help but pushing (my own) further extrapolations about what is being said.

    There is an awful lot to consider for each proposition that is made while listening. There is so much empirical evidence behind the statements it would take centuries to fill the audio space to capture how relevant, important, and coherent the progress being made against faith based beliefs.

    I look forward to listening on my iphone.

  3. Excellent. I’m a big fan of Audible. As the eyes go, along with everything else, in my dotage, listening to books is such a pleasure.

  4. Purrfect! ’tis a pain in the ass to order books from overseas, not to mention shipping costs in the order of 18 bucks. Audible is a great alternative in those cases.

    PS: I guess portraying yourself with the head gear while listening to FvF doesn’t count for the book contest?

  5. Sorry Jerry!! Nothing beats hardcover first editions with a dust cover, signed by the master!! Just finished WEIT!! Phenomenal read!! Next up: FVF!!

    1. Hmm…I wouldn’t think that one would want a *satirical* narration of FvF. Maybe of “Darwin’s Black Box”?

  6. As an owner of the Kindle edition,
    I can add audio for about $3.47.
    Open Kindle book, on the menu, pull down
    add audio to purchase.

    1. That explains it. I purchased the audio versions of both FvF and WEIT this morning for about $7 total. Now I know it was because I already own the Kindle versions.

  7. I’ve got (and have finished) the hardback but I was wondering if photoes of folks listening to it qualify for the photo contest announced yesterday.

  8. If you have the Kindle version already, I believe you can purchase the Audible version at a discount (though I forget how) as they are both Amazon. The cool thing is you can read and listen and wherever you left off will sync at the right spot in whichever media you are using.

    I think this feature may only be in Canada & the U.S. though.

    1. We have the same deal in Australia – and this sort of book is perfect for listening to, and being able to notate on the iPad.

  9. Sweet. Just got it, been wanting to read but haven’t had the time. Really glad this made it so quickly to audio.

    I’ve become a big fan of Audible; it has made my drive home from work so much more enjoyable.

    This was how I “read” to The Origins of Species many years ago while driving from Albuquerque to San Antonio. Not sure I would have gotten to it otherwise.

  10. ‘Why Evolution is True’ is also available as an audiobook on Audible. I subscribe to Audible, and get 24 books in a year after the initial subscription (which from memory was around $10 a book – which is a bargain).

    Purchased both this morning. I have 6 credits left before I have a recharge of the 24 in November.

    I mainly listen to Audiobooks working out in a gym – it makes a stationary bike or cross-trainer almost enjoyable…

      1. I didn’t want to get the audiobook by itself because I have a feeling this is the kind of book I’d want to make highlights in and revisit during online debates. I prefer listening to reading generally because listening is more portable, but it does mean I have to rely solely on my memory about key points. And that’s difficult.

        This way I get the best of both worlds, with the added bonus of not having to lug around physical material (a problem I currently have is deciding which physical books to bring on my trip). Hooray for technology!

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