Tuesday: Hili Dialogue

July 21, 2015 • 4:06 am

Good morning!

Today was a terrible day back in 365 AD when a tsunami hit Alexandria, in 1925 the infamous Scopes trial ended with a conviction and a fine of $100 for teacher John Scopes. It was also the day in 2011 when NASA’s final shuttle mission ended, and in 2005 two weeks after a first round of attacks, London’s underground and bus transit system was attacked again.

Our feline princess is being sociable and friendly today, however she may have ulterior motives.

Zosia: Here you are!
Hili: Here I am and I may be petted.


In Polish:

Zosia: Tu jesteś!
Hili: Tu jestem i można mnie głaskać.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday: Hili Dialogue

    1. Woops. Looks like you’ll have to scroll down for about 45 minutes to reach the cat tongue. But the scroll is a pleasant stroll.

    2. She looks pretty relaxed to me. Notice her ears aren’t doing anything, and her right rear leg is a bit sprawled out, not in a position to launch herself. I’d guess she was photographed just as she started to do a bit of melting under Zosia’s ministrations.


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