Thanks to Grania!

July 19, 2015 • 3:27 pm

You’ve doubtless noticed that the vast majority of all the posts on this site since I’ve left Chicago have been put up not by me, but by Grania, who has kept the website ticking along—nay, flourishing—in my partial absence.  This past week she’s been on “holiday,” but much of her time during that week has been devoted to keeping up this site.

When she goes back to work tomorrow, things will drop off as I’ll be headed to Texas and Louisiana with only sporadic Internet connection. So while I get the chance, I’d like to thank her, and so should you all, for her great and numerous posts. I suspect that she’ll put her hand in once in a while until I return to Chicago, but we shouldn’t expect the effort she’s put out—effort given without any recompense except my thanks (and I’ve promised her elebenty gazillion beers if we ever meet!).

Thanks, Grania!

74 thoughts on “Thanks to Grania!

  1. Thanks, Grania! If you are ever in southern Virginia, there is a beer with your name on it.

  2. Yes, thanks Grania. It’s been great to have you provoking us along as usual! I’ll miss all the nerd references we get with your writing most of all, especially because I like it when another woman does it. 🙂

    Still, I know, ahem, you’ll be back! 😀

    1. 🙂

      I’m not gone yet! I’ll still be posting, but there may be lulls due to the pesky business of having to go to work.

      1. Yeah work sucks and has been preventing me from contributing to your great posts of late! Thanks for doing more than keeping the lights on while Jerrh has been traveling.

  3. I don’t know from beers, Ms Grania; but my many, many thanks for such of these, your splendid efforts.

    I do know this ol’ local and so riffing and unholy hooch … …; and plenty of it, along with Iowa’s sweetest corn – on – the – cob, its juiciest tomatoes and Chickabooma Cherry Tree’s pie ala mode ‘ll all be set out for ya’ just up around My Bend!

    Come on over — do!

  4. VMT for all your sterling work, Grania. Kent’s a lot closer to where you are than Austin or even southern Virginia, so if you want a proper beer, see you here!

  5. Thanks for everything. It has been an entertaining and educational time. Keep chiming in when you can.

  6. Grania, thank you very much for the tremendous, impressive, and admirable job administering WEIT during your week away from work. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Do you enjoy your regular job, or was this a case of fantasy escapism?

  7. Thank you so much, Grania, for the wonderful posts. I do so enjoy this website, so thanks for continuing the good work.

    I also like your insights on Ireland. I grew up in Dublin, went to a boarding school run by monks, but escaped to Canada some 45 years ago!

    Jerry, just finished Faith vs Fact and enjoyed it so much. I did know some of what you included (good Irish catholic education) but learned so much from your book.

  8. Thanks everyone, much appreciated and you’re welcome.

    And if I ever make it over to the States, I am clearly going to die of alcohol poisoning so I can budget accordingly. 😉

    1. Well you can come and detox by the Rappahannock if the poisoning is bad. I promise only two bottles of wine per day, beer if needed (i think we have Guiness available locally) and a pretty nice deck view with ospreys and things.

      In the meantime thanks for a great job keeping WEIT at least up to par.

  9. Grania,
    Many thanks for all your wonderful posts. They certainly helped keep me informed and interested. And if you ever get to northern New Jersey, I’ll be happy to share some beers with you. I have a great fondness for English and Irish beers, ales and Guinness.

  10. You mean Jerry’s been gone?


    Been looking for this chance. Thanks so much Grania, without you I might have finally been able to catch up on this website.

    Srsly–I’ve been beyond impressed with your high-grade output here…many, many, many thanks!

  11. (and I’ve promised her elebenty gazillion beers if we ever meet!)

    Guinness, shurely?
    Or Caffreys.

  12. There are beers for you in Nashville, too, if you ever find yourself there, Grania. I have insider connections with some of the local crafters.

  13. Yes, she/you/Grania is commendable. Jerry, are you doing a book signing or public type things in New Orleans? I would go.

  14. Belated Thanks(!) Grania. I’ve always enjoyed your comments and your posts have been even better. Your writing is easy to read, interesting, compassionate and humorous by turn. As has been said by everyone above me, if you are ever in my neck of the woods I’d be happy to ply you with good food and drink.

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