Saturday: Hili Dialogue

July 11, 2015 • 5:58 am

Good morning everyone!

Today is the day that Skylab crashed to earth in 1979; writer E.B. White of Charlotte’s Web fame was born in 1899; and Henry VIII got excommunicated from the Catholic Church by the pope.

And now for the goings on in Dobrzyń.

Hili: Could somebody please exchange this for a cookbook for highly placed and elegant tabbies?
A: Sometimes I think you are a bit over the top.


In Polish:

Hili: Czy ktoś mógłby wymienić to na książkę kucharską dla wytwornych dachowców?
Ja: Czasem mam wrażenie, że zaczynasz przesadzać.

trouble too

And look, Cyrus has found a new friend!

10 thoughts on “Saturday: Hili Dialogue

    1. It’s a stray who decided that living alone is no fun. Cyrus must have told him that we are a soft touch. We still hope that his owners are looking for him and we are desperately looking for those owners but it looks like another dog in the household. Hili is not amused.

  1. Awww cute – Cyrus is excited to see the new friend it seems.

    When skylab crashed down, I remember wondering if it would crash down near where my nana lived (in NZ).

  2. Fun linguistic and cultural observation – Polish has a word (wytworny) which means “highly placed” AND “elegant” at the same time. Elegant alone or even refined do not convey the full meaning of the word. Given Hili’s place in the picture, it works perfectly.

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