Wednesday: Hili Dialogue

July 8, 2015 • 4:06 am

Good morning, Grania here. Happy Hump Day, the weekend is in sight – just.

Although the grey clouds overhead (hey, I’m having an Irish summer) put me in mind to quote Feynman and go: “You know what happened today? Absolutely nothing!”; it isn’t quite true. Lots of things happened today in history including apparently, Hemingway getting injured on the Austro-Italian front and the Liberty Bell tolling to announce the Declaration of Independence.

Jerry will be joining us all later from Davis, but for now let’s check in with our furry friends in Poland.

Hili: How do you spell “consciousness”?
Cyrus: I can’t talk now.


In Polish

Hili: Jak się pisze słowo “świadomość”?
Cyrus: Nie mogę teraz rozmawiać.

Cyrus clearly has Important Dog Stuff to do.

19 thoughts on “Wednesday: Hili Dialogue

  1. Your weather-related complaint reminds me of a quote from WW1 “—War-weary, Scapa-weary, weary of seeing the same old damned agony of grey grey grey, grey sky, grey sea, grey ships.”
    Embrace the grey I say!

    1. I loved it, read the book, & met Neil Shubin at the Royal Institution a couple of years ago 🙂

    1. He says “Det er et videnskabeligt bevist faktum, at der har fundet mekanistiske processer sted igennem millioner af år, hvor stjerner, planeter og levende væsener har udviklet sig. Men det er min opfattelse, at man sagtens kan tro, at en skabende gud kan være ophavet hertil. Det er tro – ikke en videnskabelig dokumenteret påstand,” …in other words, he is not a new earthist but says ‘god done it.’

      1. I’m sorry to hear that. I read he’s a member of the Venstre party, which name literally means ‘left’. And it’s a centre-right party. That doesn’t show much logic-based policy.

  2. Kent Hovind is coming home today. He’s been sentenced to 10 years for tax related crimes. Hovind is now under home confinement. I read he was one of the leading creationists for years. He’ll find himself in a very different America than in 2007 (when he went to jail).

  3. IT’s grey here too. been raining so much I had to bring the tortoise inside to sit under the heat lamps. tomatoes are a few weeks behind schedule, green and tiny. and it’s my first day of being unemployed AND my car shot craps yesterday. grey indeed.

      1. Nicely put, Ben. I better learn to make cherry pies. The black cherries are on sale these days here in Ontario, but they lack the tartness needed in a good cherry pie. Maybe I’ll add rhubarb.

  4. Happy Hump Day, the weekend is in sight – just.

    That’s not next weekend. That’s next week, coming down the tunnel with it’s lights on. “Brace for impact.”
    For entertainment, can someone think of a scarier acronym than “CFIT” – Controlled Flight Into Terrain” (the wife was just making holiday suggestions involving flying with GermanWings ; the thought sprang naturally to my mind).

      1. ISIS is a bunch of deranged idiots.
        Many examples of CFIT are genuine human error. Pilots losing discernment of the horizon and losing attitude, that sort of thing. We had two cases about a year apart a decade or so ago, killing about a dozen “bears”. And the scary thing is, losing that focus is a very human thing to do.

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