The Infinite Monkey Cage: USA tour

July 7, 2015 • 11:00 am

by Grania

As some of you already know The Infinite Monkey Cage is a much-loved BBC Radio 4 radio show and podcast on science hosted by physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince with weekly guests including such luminaries as Matthew Cobb and, more recently, Jerry Coyne. It’s usually hilarious, fast-paced and covers a range of subjects, usually within a specific theme. The show doesn’t try to comprehensively cover any topic in detail; its aim is to introduce subjects to the audience and whet appetites.

Programme Name: The Infinite Monkey Cage - TX: 19/01/2015 - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: (L-R) Professor Brian Cox, Robin Ince - (C) BBC - Photographer: Richard Ansett
Programme Name: The Infinite Monkey Cage – TX: 19/01/2015  – Picture Shows: (L-R) Professor Brian Cox, Robin Ince – (C) BBC – Photographer: Richard Ansett

The reception has been so positive that they took the show over to the United States recently, and the episodes are finally coming available as of yesterday.

The first episode from New York is now available to listen or download as an mp3 to here.

Keep checking here for updates, and of course we will let you know when the Chicago episode goes up too.

13 thoughts on “The Infinite Monkey Cage: USA tour

  1. I’m only a few minutes into this, and already Bill Nye is annoying me. Clearly doesn’t understand the difference between dark matter and dark energy. Huh? The Science Guy doesn’t get that?


    1. He was annoying throughout the show. Constantly interrupting the other guests with his inane wittering and irksome plugging. A classic example of someone who doesn’t listen but waits to talk – although, in this show, he doesn’t wait. Don’t really know who he is but he’s no Magnus Pike!

    2. he does like to hog the mic, and if you’ve heard him once, then you’ve already heard his whole radio schtick. But, he’s clearly quite popular, as he gets on a ton of podcast, radio, and TV shows. Like him or lump him, at least he’s promoting science and stem education. I liked him better on his kid show, but I’m rather tired of him these days.

  2. The homepage fore series 12 is here:

    They are getting six shows from their four stop US tour. They are not going in order – the next show is from LA – Science Goes to Hollywood: Science Fact vs Science Fiction.

    I was not impressed with the NY show. The guests were not very good. Bill Nye does not work well on a panel – more of a solo act. I think the Chicago show was much better. We will see how the radio show/podcast compares to the live performance. I think Chicago was helped by Peter Sagal who is really good at this sort of thing. Plus, did anyone else have as good a line as Jerry got off – “Every warthog you nurse, you’re giving up a lion.”

    1. I was surprised at the balance of the panel. Normally, on a panel of four, they would have at least two working scientists, one showbiz personality and the fourth, if not a scientist, would be a science connected personality (like Bill Nye).

      The loud comedian was actually not too bad. Lee Mack, when he was on, disrupted the entire show with annoying pointless quips.

      Bill Nye, on the other hand, tried to take over the entire show. I got the impression that he thought he was the main attraction, the only reason why the audience turned up.

      1. Neil deGrasse Tyson was originally supposed to be on the program. Nye was a last minute sub. Tyson was snowed in at an airport. He did Skype into the live show but they did not use any of it in the podcast.

      2. Bill was very annoying. Neil would have been much better. I don’t generally have anything against loud comedians, but I didn’t feel that she added much in this instance. The other two were great!

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