23 thoughts on “Parrot cries like a baby

  1. I only made it a little way into that video of the “drying” parrot. A crying baby makes me want VERY BADLY to do something to relieve whatever is bothering the child. I guess it is the granddad in me…

  2. If this is a “public” parrot — meaning that it usually or often sits in a store, market, restaurant, zoo, museum, or other area frequented by casual strollers-by — I foresee some potential problems. The prolonged sounds of a child in distress might cause people to come a-runnin’.

    Or maybe they’ll just dismiss it as a normal tantrum and keep walking.

    1. That’s what occurred to me, too. 😀 Generally Amazons are said to have a potential life span of around 50 years.

      I’d rather have one that cussed like a sailor.

      This bird is an amazing mimic, though.

  3. This is a blue front amazon. We adopted out one of these particular birds that also cried like one of the children in the household it had grown up in. He also sang Mariah Carey tunes and had a hearty laugh. 🙂

  4. My Conure learned to imitate the cat meowing to go out…drove me nuts. Then he learned to imitate laughing, so I’d get up to let the cat out and hear, “Ha Ha Ha”.

  5. Hi Jerry

    Please don’t misunderstand me, but could you send me no more routine e-mails?

    I have few other e-mails and now they are 90% yours.

    I follow you on Twitter and enjoy your pieces immensely and I will continue to do so.

    Thanks for that.

    More power to your type keys.

    Yours Sincerely Frank W. W. Bath.

  6. If there is a more instantly excruciating noise on earth than a baby crying I thankfully haven’t heard it. Adaptively useful I guess – my instinct is to do pretty much anything to appease the little shi- the little darling.

    1. I hear you, brother! My two furry quadriceps fled the room while this played and I was soon to follow if it went on much longer.

  7. This would drive me bats. I’m afraid I might “accidentally” leave the bird cage open if I was stuck with this guy.

  8. No,No, that wouldn’t do for me, it would have to be re-trained if that were possible.
    many years ago I used to frequent a Pub that had a Mynah Bird whose language had to be heard to be believed, foulest mouth of Human or Bird.

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