Monday: Hili dialogue

June 15, 2015 • 5:42 am

And so another week begins, and my campus will be empty as all the students have gone. But my squirrels remain, and I’ve restocked the larder with nuts and seeds. Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, today’s dialogue has a title: “V-Formation of Angels.”  Apparently Hili, down at the Vistula, looked up and saw a flock of birds in the distance—perhaps geese or ducks.

Hili: Strange…
A: What is so strange?
Hili: The angels flew in very late this year.
In Polish:
Klucz aniołów
Hili: Dziwne…
Ja: Co jest takie dziwne?
Hili: Strasznie późno anioły w tym roku przyleciały.


6 thoughts on “Monday: Hili dialogue

    1. All the students? I think about half of UCL stidents are post grads, so around over the summer working on dissertations etc.

      At any time of year, how many of the postgrads are using the campus? Certainly when I was a student, the postgrads often deliberately disassociated themselves from trampling hoards of students, particularly the first years. It wasn’t until they saw you coming back to the department for a second year of practicals that they bothered to notice your existence. (That may be an artefact of the geology department : to feed a graduating class of 20-odd, we’d have about 200 people going through first year courses. All engineering faculty students had to do a half-year unit in geology, for example. Agris too. Foresters. I think there was another batch too.)

  1. Hili looks to be on the hunt. Here in the Midwest we just wish it would stop raining. Enough already.

  2. Strange they should be late. With a warming climate, I’d expect them to be early…or maybe food production is off down south and they had to spend longer to work up the necessary reserves for the trip…?


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