Matthew and Nick Lane at the Royal Institution

June 12, 2015 • 10:30 am

Reader Dom sent two photos from Matthew’s book talk (and one by Nick Lane). See this very positive review of Matthew’s book, Life’s Greatest Secret, in the Guardian. Nick Lane’s new book, The Vital Question, has also garnered rave reviews.  I haven’t yet read Nick’s book (but I will), but I can say that Matthew’s is excellent.

I went to Nick Lane & Matthew’s talks at the Royal Institute last night. Both very good, & don’t tell him I said this but Matthew is an excellent lecturer.

I asked Dom if I could impart that information to Matthew anyway, and he said, “yes.”

Nick Lane (l) and Matthew:

Lane & Cobb 1

Matthew and his book. Notice the shirt.

matthew with book

9 thoughts on “Matthew and Nick Lane at the Royal Institution

  1. I saw the talk too – it was excellent. Both Matthew and Nick were enthusiastic and engaging. I recommend going to see either of them if you ever get the chance.

  2. I went to the talk totally exhausted and jetlagged, having just arrived from a transatlantic flight from LA. Even so I was totally engrossed by the quality of the presentations… perhaps, the best public scientific talk I have ever attended. The audience was a 50/50 mix between the scientifically interested public and active scientific researchers (by chance I was seated just behind Brian Cox). The talks proved instructive to EVERYONE – a tribute to the speakers perfect targeting of their audience. For those that were not there, the session was videoed and the chairman said it will be available on the RI website shortly. Don’t miss it!

      1. Celebrity science was definitely out in force! Jerry should have been there! Indeed another brilliant presentation on the subject of the genetics of speciation would have fully rounded out an already outstanding evening.

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