Thursday: Hili Dialogue

May 28, 2015 • 5:49 am

I believe the book talk went well last night, though there were lots of questions from apparently miffed people, including one rabbi who said I needed to learn more about Judaism! (He didn’t tell me how my knowledge was deficient with respect to the thesis of my book.) I believe Jason Rosenhouse, who was kind enough to make the long trek to my talk from his Virginia digs, will write a report on his website about my talk, which I will link to in lieu of writing one myself. I also met several readers of this website I hadn’t known (lurkers, I think), one of whom informed me that she thought I was mean to Cyrus in these dialogues, and that I should respect the d*g more! Well, in Dobrzyn the d*g and the cat are playing Greek philosophers in the orchard, and this is a cute picture.

Oh, and lots of people said “Maru” and demanded that I draw a cat in their book. They must read this site, or have acquired the secret word in samizdat.

Hili: Are there still any genuine peripatetics in the world?
Cyrus: Probably just the two of us.

In Polish:
Hili: Czy są jeszcze na świecie prawdziwi perypatetycy?
Cyrus: Chyba już tylko my dwoje.

25 thoughts on “Thursday: Hili Dialogue

  1. Well, “demanded” is a strong word, but I am glad you drew a cat in my book! And I got the secret word just by reading the website, not by other means …

    The talk went well, indeed, in my opinion. I enjoyed it very much. The audience was mostly on your side of the argument, I think (except for the rabbi, indeed). There was an older man in front of me nodding “yes” very often, I liked that.

    The Q&A was interesting, too. A lot of people indeed took time to get to their questions – perhaps an idea for next time, to urge people at the start of the Q&A to get to the point quickly because there are many wanting to ask questions. You (rightly) interrupted several of them, but I wonder if such a statement might help (same as the defusing statement [trigger warning like you said, ha!] at the start of your talk).

    There were also several good quotable points – strong statements. The one I recall mostly was in the Q&A, I think – compatibility vs compartmentalization.

      1. I took one bad cell-phone picture, where bad refers to both the phone and the result. That picture is more a picture of the heads of the people in front of me than anything else …

        But, Politics and Prose did say they recorded the event, so at some point they might have the audio on their website.

  2. To know more about religion than you already do you would have to be a priest or a rabbi. Then the book would only be faith and no fact.

  3. For long time I was in a religious group. It was interesting to see how they use arguments, discussions, authors, etc. to indoctrinate theirs, but they use the “personal attack” (you don’t know the matter, you aren’t a theologian, you are slightly crazy, you lack information, you are stupid, etc.). Is the tactic they use to hide the discussion, to avoid propaganda, to try to silence their opponents. Another proof to see how religion is based on delusions but there is not delusion about the amount of money and power in dispute. The truth many of them know, but that´s the end of religion.

    1. “the tactic they use to hide the discussion”

      Yes, I think many people are vulnerable to such deception. I’m happy to see you are past that.

  4. Is Cyrus still looming over Hili? I have not seen pictures of this lately and the photos you do post make the cat and dog look more comforable together.

  5. They must read this site, or have acquired the secret word in samizdat.

    “samizcat”, Shirley?

    1. Considering it’s the Sophisticated Theologians™ who invented the omnimpotent god, they might be more deserving of the peripathetic label.

      But, hey. There’s more than enough incompetence on that side of the fence to go ’round. We can be generous and grant that apologists of all stripes, regardless of Sophistication™, are, indeed, peripathetic. Panpathetic, even. Suprapathetic?


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