Didga shows off

May 8, 2015 • 4:15 pm

It’s Friday afternoon, and for many of us that means that drinks are forthcoming. Here at WEIT, it means that there’s an end-of-the-week cat. This week it’s the awesome skateboarding and parkouring cat Didga, star of many internet videos. Here’s a brand new one, just posted today. It shows that he has many talents.

Doesn’t he resemble a certain Polish tabby?

h/t: Amy

10 thoughts on “Didga shows off

  1. Wow, talented (cat and trainer)! I’ll bet the intrepid Leon is a fan.

    I particularly like the surfboard escape from the d*g. Very Bond-like.

  2. Not a real cat. It is fake cat or maybe real but operating well outside the rules of the Cat Union.

  3. I can’t even do half of those things….especially the sidestep dance.
    It felt like I had 4 feet when I tried to do it.

  4. Some of the cat breeds that have been developed in recent decades look pretty nice, and some of them are apparently pretty nice cats. But I wish someone would try breeding cats for intelligence, good health, mellowness, and the kind of learning skills that Didga demonstrates.

  5. Lovely video.

    “He” would appear to be a she, though (the trainer says “good girl” a couple of times).

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