Tuesday: Hili dialogue

April 21, 2015 • 5:09 am

It’s Tuesday, and I must record a podcast with Brother Sam about the Albatross, a podcast that will be posted in a few weeks. I suspect it will be a daunting experience! Meanwhile in Dobrazyn, the Princess is looking for the Door Into Sunshine:

Hili: It’s raining.
A: Indeed, it is.
Hili: Tell it to stop. I don’t like getting wet.

P1020547 (1)In Polish:
Hili: Pada deszcze.
Ja: Rzeczywiście.
Hili: To powiedz mu, żeby przestał, bo ja nie lubię być mokra.

12 thoughts on “Tuesday: Hili dialogue

    1. Well in the North we’ve had quite a lot of Rain, if you want it ,you can have it and we’ll take your Sunshine.

  1. Cold and rainy here today too.

    Do you think the interview with Sam will be daunting? I think you two will get along famously. I look forward to the podcast very much! 🙂

  2. Hili is just like Simon’s Cat in the latest episode of that – he doesn’t like getting wet either! Unlike Hili, he doesn’t manage to avoid it.

  3. April has been a horrible month for unsettled weather. I’ve had over 10 migraines already (just took a pill for one that returned last night and woke me up during the night).

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