Friday: Hili Dialogue

April 17, 2015 • 5:32 am

It’s Friday!  What seat can you take? Mine will be on a Southwest Airlines flight to Greenville/Spartanburg (South Carolina) for a weekend of talks, noms, and schmoozing. Before the day is over I will have seen Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo, and had some nice Southern food.

I’ll be back Sunday afternoon, and until then posting will be light. But I’ll do my best, and maybe Matthew and Greg can kick in. Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, Hili is preening again. She’s such a diva! But she’s also acquired an extra set of stripes:

Hili: Look, I have stripes like a zebra.
A: And you are putting on airs like a peacock.

In Polish:
Hili: Patrz, mam prążki jak zebra.
Ja: A puszysz się jak paw.


14 thoughts on “Friday: Hili Dialogue

  1. I’ve been to a number of “southern” functions, and have been to restaurants featuring “southern” food, and lemme tell ya, in southern cuisine (such as it is), there’s almost nothing healthy to eat. (No wonder this part of the country is #1 in obesity and strokes.)

    Even the greens have bacon or fatback in them. Ugh.

    There’s a reason someone like Paula Deen exists as a living stereotype.

    Somebody please tell me I’ve just been statistically unlucky in my experiences.

    1. There might not be much that’s healthy to eat on a regular basis…but, damn, that food is good for a special feast.

      Today’s Hili portrait makes me wonder if I might be able to do something interesting with Baihu and a gobo to create a checkerboard pattern….


      1. I wonder if Jerry will let Readers’ Wildlife Photos’ extend to Baihu for one picture so we can see the result? We get to see Deeks sometimes after all, so there’s a precedent!

        1. Oh, Jerry’s posted pictures of readers’s cats — including Baihu — plenty of times. I imagine that, if I come up with something worth posting, he’ll probably post it.


  2. I must say, as a Dutch person … that ‘tulip picture’ triggers some severe cognitive dissonance … 😉

  3. I believe that PCC has complained about unnecessary groping by the TSA in the past. Well, this is interesting:

    Basically, TSA agents have false flagged certain passengers in order to grope them.

    The guys behind the TV show Little Britain even had a skit on this subject, with one overly enthusiastic TSA employee excessively groping people’s genitals. What was a silly skit = reality.

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