Many-legged cat (again)

March 31, 2015 • 3:45 pm

Remember that I’ll be in Boston from early tomorrow morning through April 9th, so posting is likely to be lighter. Like Maru, I do my best.

A proper send-off requires a perigrinating cat. We have had one of these before—do you remember? Today’s catipede, which has even moar legs, comes from Bored Panda via readers Gregory and Aneris:

Meet CAT-erpillar, the world’s longest cat that was discovered yesterday in a living room. It all happened when a redditor named ‘FallenCoffee‘ was taking a panoramic picture of his room and his cat decided to walk through. The result is a hilarious 16 legged cat-centipede which was nicknamed a “CAT-erpillar.”



It’s almost weird enough to have a contest. . .

19 thoughts on “Many-legged cat (again)

  1. You scientists should set to work genetically engineering cats that are really that long and replete with limbs. What do we pay you guys for anyway?

  2. Do you think his front legs would stretch his body way out so his back legs would have to scuttle to catch up to the front ones all of a sudden?

    1. Yes, I thought that too. I would expect dissection to reveal substantial extensions to the (I’m getting fuzzy on my anatomy) haemal spines of the vertebra to provide ventral-dorsal stiffness while maintaining the evident lateral flexibility.
      Cats have obviously picked up this trick from their arch-enemies (well, “meals” ; but formerly not cat-food), the theropod dinosaurs.
      Now there’s an hypothesis for the extinction of the non-theropod dinosaurs that I haven’t heard before : protocats chose to get rid of the unhelpfully large dinosaurs while keeping the chaseable and oh-so-tasty small ones for their own inscrutable purposes.

    1. Always knew cats would be the species that would demonstrate the unreality of the flow of time in a block universe.

      Word on the street is that they’re continuing their work on interpreting wavefunction collapse in quantum mechanics.

      Meantime, dogs are still trying to figure out where the moon goes every morning, and why magnets are so sticky.

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