Owlet cam!

March 23, 2015 • 1:08 pm

by Matthew Cobb

These Great Horned Owlets are in Savannah, Georgia. There seems to be rain on the lens and someone is doing some annoying strimming or something in the background, so you might want to turn the sound down. But three cute owlets! [JAC: I see only two!]

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has a great site that includes some clips of the owlets growing up…

h/t @scicurious

5 thoughts on “Owlet cam!

  1. CAUTION: GHO parents can be very aggressive toward humans who come near their nest. I know of one teenager who lost an eye doing that. And a friend who was climbing a tree to band the young owls was hit in the head so hard that he saw stars. Luckily he had his climbing belt around the tree so he didn’t fall. Two or more people present seems to put a damper on this behavior though.

    Actually, Goshawks exhibit the same behavior. I have seen film of fishermen getting their scalps opened up while working trout streams.
    Presumably they were near a nest as well.

    1. One was an adult. According to the website, there are two owlets – one is three days older than the other. On March 19 – “The oldest owlet is 45 days old and younger is 42 days old.” They start to fly around seven weeks – the older owlet has already been stepping out of the nest.

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