Professor Ceiling Cat is pleased

March 21, 2015 • 9:40 am

The auction for the illuminated, illustrated, and autographed copy of WEIT, which runs for 8 more days on eBay, has already succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. Artist Kelly Houle and I (she set up the eBay page and is managing the auction) decided to start the bidding at $995, hoping to get at least $1000.  (Two years ago, two autographed copies of the book, with only my signature and no illustrations, went for about $300 at the British secularist auction for Doctors Without Borders.)

I awoke this morning to find that the bids were considerably higher—$3,050! That represents lot of help for the activities of Doctors Without Borders (DwB).

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 6.01.36 AM

Remember that every cent of the proceeds goes to DwB, so if you either have deep pockets, or have friends with dosh, feel free to raise the bid. And please share the site with other people who might be interested.

Don’t forget, too, that Kelly is also auctioning two of her own artworks, one of them a small-sized (22″ X 30″!) version of the cover of what will be The Illuminated Origin of Species. The proceeds from that also go to DwB.

And I was also happy to see that my own publisher, Viking, tw**ted the auction (I didn’t ask them to):

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 6.09.19 AM

27 thoughts on “Professor Ceiling Cat is pleased

    1. I seriously translated this in my mind as, “If you know anyone who is mentally ill (believes in the religion delusion), buy them WEIT. It will help”.

    1. That would be Kelly’s artwork. It’s a style of decorating books and manuscripts, one that the Medieval period is best known for. Think of the iconic desktop-sized tome with lots of pictures and gold leaf and fancy lettering and the like, where the physical book itself is at least as much a work of art as the meaning of the words on the page.


      1. I know what illuminated manuscripts are but did not know about Kelly’s illuminating Jerry’s book. Missed that somewhere. I thought this might have meant Jerry’s kitteh drawings;-) Do we have any screenshots of Kelly’s illuminations?

    1. That’ll probably prompt some horrendous incest from Matthew.
      (Snowed under with non-frozen water. First visit for weeeeks.)

      1. InSECt, of course!
        The probability of Matthew having photos of insect incest is … quite high. Better than evens, I’d guess.

  1. 3 more bids this morning has it up to $3,250. I’m guessing this will end up over $5,000, and would not be at all surprised if it hits $10,000.

    Win all the way around!

  2. Jerry:
    If you would be willing to also throw in a copy of “Faith vs Fact” I will place a bid, since that would save me the extreme anguish of having to order two books.

    1. Erm…you do realize that this isn’t for just any copy of Why Evolution is True, do you not? The one in question is rather special, with signatures from a number of prominent scientists and secularists plus a fair amount of artwork by Kelly Houle.


  3. Gosh, I actually must have had no idea about any of that despite the facts that Jerry has been describing this auction for two days now, and also that I have read this website daily for a very long time. And of course I must have also thought that all books carry a $4K+ price tag for no obvious reasons at all. And what is the world does that word “charity” even mean? According to the idiot irrationalist pope it has something to do with exorcisms. Is Jerry’s book about getting free exorcisms, as opposed to the rather costly ones that the catholic priests perform?

    Alternatively, someone is seriously humor impaired. My offer to Jerry still stands despite your rather obvious “I’m having a bad day posting this” efforts.

    Although my condition (ASD) makes social interaction very difficult, I do not make any errors of fact. I also fully recognize that Ben is far from being stupid, let alone *that* stupid. I nearly always appreciate his witty commentary, today being the sole exception.

    1. I think Ben was struck, as I was, by the apparent incongruity of lumping a $20 book (FvF) in with a illustrated multi-signed charity special currently going for $4,000 plus.

      It was not immediately apparent to me whether you were being slightly facetious, or dead serious, or you possibly hadn’t realised this was the special and highly expensive version.

    2. Zetopan, please don’t take this so seriously. Remember that the internet is infamous for misunderstandings of irony, humor, etc.

      Deadpan humor is hard to pull off online; sadly, because it’s one of my favorite kinds. 🙂

      1. “please don’t take this so seriously”

        I had never assumed any malicious intent on Ben’s part and I see that Ben was not alone in his presumptions. I had thought that my “that would save me the extreme anguish of having to order two books” would be a dead giveaway, although that apparently wasn’t enough of a clue for some. In any case, Jerry has not responded, which counters my original intent.

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