James Bond parrot

March 20, 2015 • 4:13 pm

What better way to end the week than with a completely insane animal video? Here’s a parrot . . . well, here are the YouTube notes:

Lottie my African Grey telling everyone her name is Bond, James Bond [plus the tune whistled of cause]. Then blows a kiss and says “Whats that all about?”

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    1. I was thinking the same thing. We can leave any time we want. The owner might hear this for what, 50 years?

  1. Ha ha ha, what a treat!

    The crazy thing is, had the parrot been trained differently, or simply picked up something else he liked to repeat, his voice could sound just like a 5-yr-old girl. Or anything in between, plus all sorts of industrial and electronics sounds.

    Just phenomenal to think about!

    (I think I’ve read before that “B’s” are really difficult for parrots to pronounce…)

      1. Hmm, seemed to me she was straining a bit for the B’s…still she managed to make it perfectly understandable.

        I’ll have to go back and pay attention to the accents. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. I thought the B was perfect. The Bond bit sounds really posh and the what’s that all about less so. Love her pink perch…

    1. I once heard a blue jay imitating a squeaky clothesline and I had a budgie as a kid that imitated sirens on emergency vehicles.

    2. The question arises, how do parrots learn to speak? Obviously they imitate, but at some point they must learn how to articulate and vocalise what they imitate. Do they practice? We know children go through a long process of babytalk, nonsense syllables and gradually better and better imitation of adult speech. Do parrots do anything similar? This suggests they keep what they have heard in their heads for a long time, separate from what they hear themselves say, and somehow compare the two. Or do their trainers have to carefully reward them for every step closer to the target speech?

      1. I suspect this has been studied before. I’ve read that yes, they do practice. And I know for a fact that they will pick up random phrases without being “taught,” as well as other imitations–phone ringing, door creaking, smoke alarm, etc.

        I’ve never heard about them being taught using rewards.

        They’re known for frequently picking up swear words because those are often uttered loud and clear.

        1. There’s a really funny “10 Best Parrot Videos” right after the video Jerry posted. The first parrot says WTF with much aplomb.

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