Spot the Finnish mammal

September 13, 2014 • 12:32 pm

by Matthew Cobb

This was tw**ted by my pal Professor Sophie Scott of University College London, who is in Finland at the moment. At first I thought it was just paranoia (all those birch trees) but apparently not…There’s a mammal in this pic. What and where is it? (Click on the pic to embiggen).



17 thoughts on “Spot the Finnish mammal

  1. Well, if the ‘pic’ includes everything under Cobb’s post, then the Finnish mammal is obviously Professor Sophie Scott and she’s there right next to her tw**t — which is diversionary.

    Nice try, but yeah, you’ll have to work pretty hard to fool me.

    1. Spotted!

      You have to watch out for them when you stroll in the woods there and here, so perhaps I have an unfair advantage. (They can be aggressive, and you want to catch that early.)

  2. It’s more or less centre frame. I’d say in the case of this one that it is hard to find not because of the amazing camouflage, like some of the caprimulgids we have been treated to, so much as the fact that it occupies a rather small part of the frame.
    Having said that it is amazing how deer (I don’t have any experience with moose/elk) can disappear in a woodland.

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