Caturday felid trifecta: lovestruck lynxes, cat “saves” owner in fire, and my new toy

September 6, 2014 • 6:26 am

I don’t know much about this video except that it was sent by reader Lauren, and shows a cat and a lynx as friends. in a zoo. The YouTube caption says this (readers who read Russian: is the caption the same?):

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 6.21.15 AM

I hope the lynx is well fed. . .

Lovestruck lynx #2: its inamorata is a deer! The YouTube notes:

Meet Amira, our white-tailed deer, and Malyshka, our Siberian lynx. Although not raised together, they have visited each other frequently, since Amira runs free on the St. Augustine Wild Reserve grounds in Florida. Every time we take Malyshka out for a walk, this unlikely pair greet each other with loving licks. Of course Malyshka is always on a secure leash just in case, since she does have claws and sharp teeth, and her normal prey in the wild would be a cousin of Amira!
Finally, we have this video of a lynx visiting a home in Anchorage, Alaska, KTUU News, which hosted the video, says only this:

JoAnn Cunningham was relaxing inside her South Hillside home in Anchorage when she looked outside and saw…a lynx? “Luckily my schnauzer and cat were inside at the time,” she says.


And here, from the Guardian, we have another cat-saves-owner from fire story.  Here’s a video I found showing a report how a cat in Melbourne, Australia (home of Felix and his staff Russell and Jenny Blackford) supposedly saved its owner’s life.

How many of you think that Sally the Cat really was trying to save her owner from the fire, as opposed to simply being freaked out and running to her staff?


Finally, one of my friends found this online, and sent me the picture. It is a magnetized cat that is supposed to hold paper clips, keeping your desk tidy. Although I eschew paper clips in general, preferring staples, I knew instantly that I had to have it.  Little did I know that when I Googled “pussy magnet” (here’s the search), I would find other stuff that wasn’t what I wanted. I plead naiveté.


But I did find it on Amazon, where you can get the felid for $10.82.  Wouldn’t this make a great holiday gift for your ailurophilic friends? And it works, too—here’s a demonstration on my desk:





22 thoughts on “Caturday felid trifecta: lovestruck lynxes, cat “saves” owner in fire, and my new toy

  1. I think she was trying to warn him, a female cat would try to save her kittens in such circumstances, not having kittens she tried to save her staff.

    1. My opinion is that Sally was annoyed by the fire, and was demanding that the staff haul his lazy butt up and fix it pronto, so Sally could go back to her beauty sleep.

  2. I assume that the cat understood that Something Was Horribly Wrong beyond her ability to know what, and that her humans were in charge of troubleshooting. It so happened that the problem was best solved by getting the hell out.

    I don’t think she understood that this was a problem that required everyone leave, even if she might have understood ‘this is bad, it should not be in the same room as me’.

    1. But bear in mind that for a cat, Something Horribly Wrong worth waking humans up for could be as simple as an empty food bowl.

  3. OH Jerry, falling for the “pussy magnet”.
    I hope you had a minder to make sure you got back to your hotel in Glasgow OK ; you were in an “interesting” area of town.
    Innocents abroad.

    1. Back when the internet was young, I innocently searched for “black hole”. Geesh. And I thought I was a pervert…

      1. In the innocence of middle age I encountered a term from marine engineering – which denoted a depression cut into the seabed to house [whatever] below the general level of the seabed, in order to protect the [whatever] from passing floating objects. Specifically, the somethings were the wellheads of oil installations off the coast of Newfoundland, while the floating objects were icebergs.
        I advise against searching for the “biggest Canadian glory hole” ; it’ll flip your toilet roll. Or something.

      1. When I was a teenager, Saturday Night Live did an ad for a “delicious dessert topping for your cat”–Pussy Whip. First time I ever heard the expression, but I could tell from the audience’s reaction that it wasn’t really a reference to cats.

    1. I am certain it is likely widely known that amongst humans’ verbally violent (so – called) “intimate” partners (at the least), that the appellation “pussy” — having nothing at all to do in words written or spoken with the Planet’s lovely kitty cats — is commonly employed to exact pain and degradation in the other.

      And does. As it is, when read or heard by the other, … … a trigger.


  4. That leash isn’t going to do anything to protect the deer if the cat decides it wants a piece of it — but, at the same time, the cat shows not even the slightest hint of thinking of the deer in that way.

    I wouldn’t use anything more than a token string on a large cat. Leashes for control only work on animals if you’re capable of physically overpowering the animal should the need arise. No unarmed un-armored human is going to survive, let alone win, a close-quarters fight with a cat that size. A leash in that circumstance can only make sense as a method of communication with a cat that accepts and trusts the judgement of the human at the other end; a piece of yarn is every bit as effective in such cases as a steel chain.


      1. There you go again with your telepathetic whitchery!

        Imagine a 50-pound Pinky bouncing off a leash, right into your crotch and then up into your face and throat, hind legs rabbit-kicking your belly….


  5. And back to Pussycat Heroine . . . I believe the firefighter said she was sighted outside and went back in – hmmmm. Otherwise I would assume she woke up her staff so he could help her get out of burning house. . .

  6. I wonder if any cat who had access to a cat door has ever “saved” its owner? it seems to me the most likely explanation is that the cat is merely waking the staff to open the door for them.

  7. Nice to see the old neighborhood. (“south hillside” is the next hill over around flattop from “Upper O’Malley”, where I grew up.) Never saw lynx in the 12 years I was there, though.

  8. I just love lynx ears. And they’re far too cool to have been designed by the genocidal pervert in the Bible – proof of evolution right there!

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